How to Play Pokémon Go on your Android Phone and Tablet

Niantic’s Pokémon Go is expected to surpassed Twitter and Tinder user account signups in Australia. Do you want to give it a try? Here’s how you can install and play Pokémon Go on your Android phone.

How to Play Pokémon Go on your Android Phone and Tablet
How to Play Pokémon Go on your Android Phone and Tablet

A Vaporeon caused a massive stampede in Central Park in New York last month. Wait, what’s a “Vaporeon?” It’s one of the rarest Pokémons around; and everyone is hunting for it on the hottest app on Android today – Pokémon GO. This game from Niantic is already taking over the world; and even transcending to other industries such as online gambling and location-based marketing. It has been installed to billions of Android devices; just days after it released in the US, even surpassing Twitter and Tinder.

SimilarWeb predicts according to its data analysis that the game is set to have more daily users than social news platform Twitter. The analysis tells that around 60% of Android users; who have installed Pokémon Go; will be playing it everyday, which means around 3% of every country’s population will use their Android phones and tablets. It’s also reported that the game is almost 6% installed on all Android devices. The surprising part is that the Pokémon Go’s popularity has seen Nintendo stock catapult to more than 20%.

What’s the Catch of Pokémon Go?

What's the Catch of Pokémon Go
What’s the Catch of Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO is one of the most entertaining games around for quite some time. It uses an Android phone’s camera and GPS settings. The real catch here is that you will be able to explore your areas; to catch “pocket monsters” by focusing your phone on a specific spot using Augmented Reality or AR technology. AR is touted as the next phase in online gaming and is expected to be a billion dollar industry soon.

How Can I Install and Play Pokémon GO

How Can I Install and Play Pokémon GO
How Can I Install and Play Pokémon GO

The game has been launched in the US and UK; and has been slowly rolled out in Australia and New Zealand.  One of the major issues whenever you try installing Pokémon GO in Australia is that it won’t work if the app server doesn’t detect and recognize your region. It shouldn’t be an issue if you have decent Internet connection; the Android OS is an open operating system that will enable users to download and install Pokémon GO.

  1. Check out these simple tips on how to install Pokémon GO on your Android device.
  2. Enable your Android phone or tablet to “sideload” apps then follow these steps:
  3. Boot up your Android phone or cellular-capable tablet, and open up the device settings.
  4. Under “Security” (this is different parts of the settings menu; depending on your device and Android version, but keep looking and you’ll find it).
  5. Scroll down until you find the “Unknown sources” toggle.
  6. It should read: “Allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store.”
  7. Make sure you check it.
  8. Download and Install the Pokémon GO app.

After you’ve configuring your phone to sideload; you need to search Pokémon GO online to find a torrent site to download the app. Here are some basic steps to do that:

  1. Download the APK here (see warning above): Pokémon Go
  2. If you downloaded it to your computer; transfer it to your phone using a USB cord, Google Drive, or some other service.
  3. Once it’s on your phone, find the APK. It’s likely in your Download folder. You can get to your downloads by clicking on “Downloads” in your app drawer.
  4. Run through the installation process.
  5. Make sure you have GPS location services turned on.

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