Monopoly Slots

Monopoly Slots is a casino app game by famous developer EA, who also gave us other great titles in gaming industry like World Series of Poker. Monopoly slots app offers everything you might expect of a decent fruit machine game: wilds, mystery wilds, multiple reels, multipliers, stacks and free spins. With lots of bonus games in which you can win even bigger, and Double or Quadruple your earnings with this EA game you can’t win real cash prizes. Because this app is a virtual simulation game no real money can be won apart from in app purchases, you cannot lose real money by placing bets.

Playing Monopoly Slots on Android

Monopoly Slots Android

You can play Monopoly Slots on Android device by downloading this app from the Google Play store. Once done you will find nice splash screen for you on start up. When you start you have to play to continue on, leveling up or collecting stars. There is a Menu button up at the top corner which opens the options but there isn’t many of them really.

Every pokies in the game has the distinct looking Monopoly theme, which is very recognisable like Mr. Monopoly, the Monopoly houses, logo’s, the Start square, certain street signs or board game squares. The game looks great, stunning HD visuals mwith wonderful music making this app more richer.

Bonus and Features

Monopoly Slots Bonus

You start out playing Easy Street which is classic pokies. As you play you get experience points to get to the next level but there are even bonus experience points in the form of stars with numbers on them like the red star with the 10.There are numerous ways to win, you can get three across or diagonal or other ways

At the top you’ll find your money and diamonds. The money is used to play the games and the diamonds are used for bonuses. Off the right side you’ll see a ‘Collect’ button which activates every four hours to give you more money so if you run out you can get free money.

You’ll see a treasure chest above the spin button that if you press will open a mini-game where you can get a 2x or 4x bonus which will double or quadruple what you just won on the last spin. You just tap on a chest and hopefully you’ll win double or quadruple your winnings. It’s a free game but you can spend real money buying either coins or diamonds and it can get pricey with for example 1650 diamonds selling for $99.99 in real world money. You can wait four hours for the free coins or go ahead and spend your own hard earned cash to buy coins in the store.

There are mini-game bonuses when spinning like It’s Raining Money. In other pokies you can get free spins and it spins automatically for you.

Another mini-game sort of is Chance which is collect and win where you collect Chance cards and once you get sets you can win more coins. If you have diamonds you can actually use them to complete the sets and get your bonuses but that uses one of your diamonds.

When you win big or sort of big you’ll be greeted with a splash screen and as you progress in the game you’ll level up and as you level up you’ll be able to bet more and keep on getting new games.

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