Android Pay and Waze to Offer Uber-Type Service

Android Pay collaborates with Waze to introduce carpool services among users.

Waze Android Phone

Google began a pilot program in summer that introduced a service similar to Uberpool’s, it uses Waze information to determine if users can commute with one another. While Uber and Lyft is basically a ride on-demand app, this Android Pay-Waze collaboration lets Waze users have free 2 rides per day.

Google acquired Waze to enhance the user experience of frequent Google Maps users. Google Maps is a mere collection of maps, while Waze offers real-time directions for drivers that enables them to determine if there are road accidents and heavy traffic on their way a specific location.

Will Waze Disrupt the Carpool Revolution?

It’s a no-brainer that Google’s Android Pay app has collaborated with Waze to bring this carpool feature to its users. It’s actually helpful for commuters since Waze is a great app to determine where motorists should tread a direction in a most convenient way. The pilot program offered two rides per day; it’s like a round-trip approach to test if Google will receive positive feedback from users to make improvements to the service.

The Wall Street Journal reports that this Android-Waze carpool service has been rolled out in Israel which happens to be where Waze was founded. The carpool service has been initially offered to urban areas of the country. The Android-Waze carpool service is reportedly to have cheaper rates compared to other carpool services

This idea will give Waze to disrupt the carpool industry and position itself as a map and carpool service. Waze’s 65 million users will be its biggest asset; the challenge would for Google to create a feasible and seamless method in terms of “recruiting” drivers that will use the service as a provider. Google will most likely also develop a program similar to Uber and Lyft that will ensure security of commuters and a points system according to user feedbacks.

Android Pay Now Accepting Uber Payments

Android Pay

Google has recently announced that it has enabled peer-to-peer payment via Android Pay for Uber users and drivers. Uber and Android users will be able to select a payment option such as credit card or PayPal account. The great thing is that there is a bonus once you sign up, Uber will take $10 off on your next ride when you pay using Android Pay.

So if Google and Uber are collaborating with payment methods now, will Uber might be included in this Android-Waze carpool service? We can only speculate that Google might buy Uber and merge the Waze’s millions of users to create the ultimate car service and carpool service in the world.

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