Android Users Report Pokémon Go Plus Issues

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Android users often take a backseat when it comes to mobile gaming. Android smartphones The Pokémon Go beta was first released on iOS and Nintendo’s brand new Super Mario mobile game will also be played first on iPhones. Android users are left behind again as users report The Pokémon Go Plus issues recently. The Pokémon Go peripheral encountered connectivity issues for most Android devices.

How Does Pokémon Go Plus Work?

The Pokémon Go Plus accessory enables players to play the game without having the app opened at all times. It’s actually a great complementary gear to avid Pokémon Go players who want to connect every time or on the move. It allows players to save up on battery life and connects to your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth will start flashing and vibrating to alert the users whenever a Pokémon is near. The Pokémon Go Plus works by pressing the button to catch the pocket monster. It’s really a handy tool to have if you’re a Pokémon Go fan.

The issue right now for Android users is that the Pokémon Go Plus gear is having tons of connectivity issues. Other users can connect but will gradually wear off. “Anyone on Android having trouble connecting the [Pokémon Go Plus]?” asks one popular thread. It’s not really a necessary tool, but it enhances a widely-popular free app that makes you experience AR gaming.

Will Niantic Fix These Issues?

Pokemon Go Plus Gear

The number of players willing to shell out for Pokémon Go’s in-game microtransactios has significantly decreased. Niantic is now finding ways to earn some revenue to sustain app development. There’s no solid way to fix the Pokémon Go Plus issues right now but Niantic is set to launch an update for Android and iOS. Connectivity issues are always persistent but it’s not surprising for a game that over 500 million downloads already.

Niantic should not only put a premium on quality assurance and app development, it needs to connect more with Pokémon Go fans to ensure that user engagement and CRM issues are properly addressed to improve the user experience.

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