Fresh Features: Here are Android Nougat’s 4 Hidden Gems

Android 7.0 Nougat is smoother and faster compared to previous versions of Android and even iOS 7. Nougat’s capabilities are complemented by Google’s apps as well. It’s considered the OS that makes Android phones a perfect multi-tasking tool. You’ve probably seen how the enhanced notification system and split-screen mode work, but did you know that Android Nougat has a number of hidden gems for you? Here are Fresh Features: Here are Android Nougat’s 4 Hidden Gems.

Here are Android Nougat’s 4 Hidden Gem Functions:

1. Emergency Info Screen

Android Nougat enables users to store information in case of an emergency. It’s a new feature that lets you input important details that anyone can access in certain situations even if the screen is locked.

Click “users” in the main Settings menu and tap “emergency information”. 2 screens will appear, the first one lets you enter a variety of information for emergencies such as medications you take and allergies you have. The second screen lets you store the list of contacts anyone can contact in case of an emergency.

2. System UI Tuner

UI Tuner
System UI Tuner

The System UI is one of the great additions to Android Nougat. It enables users to customize their smartphones and tablets. Swipe down from the top of your screen and go to the quick settings menu. Press and hold the Settings bar until it spins; you will get a prompt to enable the System UI Tuner. You can easily adjust what you want to appear on the status bar and make adjustments to your phone’s Do Not Disturb settings.

3. Clear All Button for Apps

Tapping the overview button brings up all your open apps and you have to swipe through them one by one to close them. Android Nougat now enables you to close all those annoying apps by simply pressing the overview button. These are Fresh Features: Here are Android Nougat’s 4 Hidden Gems.

4. Make Apps Work in Split-Screen Mode

android split screen
Make Apps Work in Split-Screen Mode

You might encounter an issue with Nougat’s split-screen mode where not all apps are automatically compatible. The great news is that you can make any app work in multi-screen mode when you enable the developer options.

Go to Settings then scroll down and tap About Phone. Scroll down until you see “build number” listed:

Press and hold “build number” around 7 times until you get a prompt on your screen saying that you are now a developer. Return to the main Settings and you’ll see Developer Options listed down the bottom. You can resize activities and use any app in split-screen mode.

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