Game developers are having a ball

StarWarsThere is a plethora of computer game developers out there with various mission statements like “…to deliver a fully entertaining and arresting gaming experience…” I assume that getting arrested does not refer to that dreaded day when you are caught driving while playing a game on your cell phone.

Game developers toil day and night, using sophisticated software and tricks to design awesome games that you can play on any mobile device, smartphone or wearable of your choice. These developers leverage technology platforms and programming languages that lend themselves to the work required to build graphics, sound effects and other gadgetry that integrate with your Android device software so that you have a satisfactory gaming experience.


There is an interesting new term surfacing that refers to the overlap between gaming and gambling – it’s called gamblification. To facilitate player engagement and retention, game developers are integrating a betting mechanism, or adding virtual currency that will enable players to win virtual goods or enter tournaments and sweepstakes. They incorporate a series of mini-games to enable players through skill and/or chance to obtain in-game items instead of winning money.

Augmented reality

Game developers get excited about developing games for smart phone, because they can take augmented reality to new levels and enable a unique player perspective on a game. The power of a mobile device lies in gadgets like cameras, accelerometers, GPS, and solid-state compasses. These gadgets are leveraged to transform a smart phone user’s environment by using digital content and object overlays on top of reality. Players also get the convenience of direct interaction with the imaginary world without having to use a console or a keyboard.

Social gaming

Smart phones are key to social media engagement. On this score, game developers are also on top of their game. They use social mechanics such as sharing game results on the user wall, in-game gifting or requesting power from a friend, as well as inviting friends to join in the game, to make mobile gaming a more sociable pastime.

For those who cannot afford to leave the game, a mobile device is an excellent option to continue making your contribution without holding up your playmate’s next move.



The science of applying touch (tactile) sensation and control to interactions with computer applications, when applied to handheld devices, is becoming more sophisticated and responsive. Game developers are the first to grasp the opportunity to use it for “hard-core” gaming.

Our smart phones are changing our gaming lives and will continue to do so. If one considers the state of cell phones twenty years ago when they first came into our lives, and how far they have developed, it is hard to imagine where they will be in another twenty years’ time. One thing is certain:  they will not be the same.

Maybe they will have evolved into something with a different name. Hopefully they will still be able to gamblify our lives. Hang on, the term gamblify will not be in use. Or replaced by something else.


Anton Venter

Anton covered Google technology for over four years from the the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. He has reviewed mobiles and Android devices for a number of local blogs and magazines; Anton loves researching and numbers.

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