Google says these are the best Android apps

As the smartphone becomes more popular the app developers are making sure there is lot to pick from. Sometimes though it can make your head spin trying to figure out which ones to grab.

2.0 ADW Launcher (beta)

This is free. The silence has been broken after three years! The ADW Launcher is only offered in beta right now, but over’s a large selection of features paired with a UI that is new. If you love widgets then take advantage of the custom widget mechanic. Easily create those widgets or browse around find one someone else has made and use it. Google Play Store is where to snatch this one up at.

Google says these are 2016's best Android apps
Google says these are 2016’s best Android apps

Boomerang Notifications

Also free! Are you tired of relying on a calendar for reminding you of things? This app is capable of storing any notification for reminding you later on what needs to be done. When the app is activated it will intercept notifications and let you decide if it is something needing attention now or later.


Price ranges from free to 99 cents. This is a way for picture lovers to add a little zest while using the camera app. It offers 130 filters that range from crazy techniques, brilliant colors, and wild styles. Serious photographers probably will not enjoy the app, but if you like social media and having fun then this is the app.


Free as always. Do you love gifs, stickers and enoji’s, but hate opening a dozen apps looking for them? Dango will let you find all these without the hassle of opening other apps.

(beta) Flamingo for Tweeters

It only costs 99 cents. Twitter can be a little confusing, but this app makes it much easier getting messages out. It offers support for Giphy, some customized features and is easy for everyone to use. Since it is offered in beta do not get tripped up on bugs every once in a while.


Cost is $1.95. If you are into wallpaper nature scenes then you will love these 2D landscapes.

Google says these are 2016's best Android apps
Google says these are 2016’s best Android apps

Pick from three different scenes:

  • Forest
  • Beautiful Flamingos
  • African landscape

The developers are working on adding more scenes for future use. If you do not like the color of a scene then simply change it.

These are just a few of the apps ranging from free to under $2 each. Which one will you try?

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