Iron Maiden joins the RPG world in Android this summer

Something to look forward to this summer is the release of Iron Maiden’s own mobile game.

Roadhouse Interactive, the group who gave us Warhammer 40,000: Carnage on mobile has joined up with 50cc Games to produce the Iron Maiden game for iOS and Android.  Titled, the Legacy of the Beast, the game is scheduled to be released this summer as a role playing game using the capacious Iron Maiden world as its setting, and it is free to play.

Screenshot of Iron Maiden joins the RPG world in Android this summer
Iron Maiden joins the RPG world in Android this summer

You will be playing as Eddie, Iron Maiden’s much-loved mascot.  You can explore different surreal worlds as depicted in the band’s album art, assume new appearances and be transported through time as you battle a host of characters pulled from numerous Iron Maiden albums.  Naturally, the game will be played with various Iron Maiden songs as its soundtrack, chosen from the iconic band’s extensive discography as well as some live recordings of a number of the group’s classics which have never been heard yet but modified for the game by engineer Tony Newton.

What to expect from the game?

Based on Legacy of the Beast’s official website, here’s what to expect from the game, in a nutshell:

“Battle as Eddie in his many guides across worlds inspired by the rich lore and music of Iron Maiden – one of the most iconic and influential bands of all time.  A mysterious force has shattered Eddie’s soul and scattered the shards.  Travel though time and space collecting the pieces as you encounter a cast of dramatic and engaging characters.  A powerful soundtrack enhances gameplay, using songs spanning Iron Maiden’s entire career, including previously unheard of live recordings adapted for the game by Engineer Tony Newton under the close scrutiny of Steve Harris.”

Exciting Adventure and Amazing Music

The collaboration of Roadhouse Interactive and game developer 50cc Games and Iron Maiden management promises to bring a most entertaining experience for their millions of fans. As you enjoy the game, you will also enjoy the music from the band’s collections which includes new live recordings that were not heard of before which were engineered by Tony Newton under the supervision of one of the founding band members Steve Harris, exclusively for this game.

Harris is equally excited over this project and said in his statement, “We know many of our fans are gamers and we have long thought that Eddie and Maiden’s music and imagery would be perfect for this. It’s something we have been looking at revisiting since Ed Hunter way back in 1999. Now in 2016 it can all be done on a smartphone so it makes it even more accessible for Maiden fans everywhere and also all the gamers out there.”

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