We’ve listed some of the Best Android Games for 2016

Hundreds of Android games are out there; some are really fantastic brain stimulator, some can be no-brainer but absolutely fun, yet some can just be a total waste of time.

We have listed some of the titles we consider the best below just to cut-down your confusion level by a few degrees:

Cut the Rope 2:

This involves feeding candy to Om Nom, a little green creature.  Cut the rope to release the candies.  Looks simple enough but gets tougher as you move through the levels.  This free game highlights smart puzzles and painterly graphics.

Plants vs Zombies 2:

We have been loving this free-to-play game forever and the sequel is even better and may well be unopposed in the tower defense genre.  You just have to love what the various plants can do to defeat their clueless nemesis, the zombies.  It is a very sensible strategy game and can be replayed unlimited times.  They have come up with different worlds with different set of plants and zombies each time.

The only downside I see when you get hooked to this game is you will never be able look at your vegetables the same way again.

Defense Zone 2 HD:

For those who are up to a serious challenge, Defense Grid 2 HD would be the game for you.  It is the more realistic tower-defense game, using a mod military theme. It offers a great gameplay with more tactical depth and grit.  The full version costs US$2.99 but there is a light version available as well.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival:

These post-apocalyptic creatures, the Zombies roam the earth and the Android world as well.  The Walking Dead: Road to Survival may well be the best Walking Dead Android experience yet.  It is mainly a base-building game set in Woodbury.

It involves building and farming and other activities to help men survive. There is exploring and fighting based on story modes.  As a whole, the game gets you involved but because of its pay-to win scheme, the cost to acquire characters and equipment to advance can be significant.  Enjoy the game up to the extent it is free and try not to spend too much money on it.

Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG:

This is basically a vertical-scrolling shooter using RPG elements, Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG gives us a much needed depth to an essentially one-dimensional game genre.  You can unlock different heroes and improved their strengths and skills as you advance through the levels.

The objective is to save Dragonia by progressing through the levels, you can unlock a variety of heroes and upgrade their skills in a bid to save Dragonia from waves of Dragon attacks, which are also the big guys on each level.

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