Farm Casino

Dragonplay has done it again and splashed the pokies machines with Farm Casino. There are themes of the Farm that are exciting and filled with fun! Playing this amazing app on android is an easy and great adventure to the farmland. There are ranking levels in this game to master the gaming experience and earn your farm coins with a variety of bonuses. There are hours of entertainment and fun to be enjoyed while competing against your friends on Dragonplay or Facebook. Farm Casino is 5 reel, pokies machine with Multi-line winning streaks

The Symbols in Farm Casino

The symbols are related to the farmland. Farm animals like cows, roosters and fields full of veggies like carrots, pumpkins, rake tools to clear the farm and scarecrows to A windmill can also be seen. This pokies game has wild symbols scatters and free spins to make the game more interesting.

The Symbols in Farm Casino
The Symbols in Farm Casino

Features of the Farm Casino App

  • Play is free
  • Daily farm coins are free
  • Bonuses for friends
  • There are a variety of Video pokies 
  • Enjoy chatting with friends
  • Dragonplay account holders can log in using their existing account
  • Fast registration when connecting through Facebook
  • You can save SD cards
  • Purchases are in-app

This casino game app comes with graphics of rural farms. No gameplay is affected by the graphics they are just fun looking at and are done nicely. At the prompt you can make an account or use your account from Google or Facebook for logging in. the game playing leans toward the social aspect. When logging in with your Facebook account then any friends that are also playing the game will automatically give you bonus points. There will even be updates to your status showing the activity you are doing in the game.

How to play with this App

How to play with this App
How to play with this App

Playing pokies is really easy so there are no certain skills that are required. Just place your bet and spin. Every single spin will let you accumulate points which can be used towards unlocking other themes for the slot machine. The Leaderboard makes things more interesting since you can see where all the competition is sitting. As you are playing the app the Leaderboard is updated live. If you spend all your virtual cash and cannot wait for the timer to give you more then there is the option of exchanging real money for some virtual cash.

How to play Farm Casino with Android

If you love casino games then you will enjoy playing Farm Casino. Anyone can learn quickly how to use the app since it is simple along with entertaining. It does not matter if you have ever been inside a real casino or not. Download now from the google play store and play today while becoming friends with the farm animals.

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