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Slots or pokies games are the most popular games in online casinos. You can play pokies games with great fun and variety with Pokies Machine App, especially for Android. It is amazing to know that this app has more than 10 to 50 million installs. With so much popularity, you will love to have this app too on your Android phone. This app also “Pokies Machines – Pokies & Casino” is the product of a company called Apostek. Let’s find out more about Slot machines.

This app brings games with a perfect little game of pokies with upgrades, multiple currencies, mini-games, upgrade options and tons of pokie machine designs. This game will keep you busy with the levelling up and the constant chance to win. This game gets addictive.

Pokies Machine App Features

Pokies Machine App Features
Pokies Machine App Features
  • You can play pokies machines with Vegas casino style pokies. Compete with 10 million and more players worldwide.
  • This app is free to download.
  • You can play with 5 paylines upto 75 levels
  • Can have loads of high rewarding casino style games
  • You have to enjoy a progressive Jackpot and win free chips every 60 seconds
  • You can play online worldwide Leaderboards to compete
  • Have 2x multipliers and Nudge/Hold options to improve your winnings

Game Design and Sound

Game Design and Sound
Game Design and Sound

When you first start the game, it takes you through a tutorial to make you understand what it is all about. You can use all the buttons on the screen for easy navigation. And you also learn the rules and if you like, you can view those winning numbers again. The core game element is to bet a certain amount and choose a number of lines for which your bet will be honoured. Then you press the spin button and as random graphics spin and stop on the screen, you will find out your winning or loss. It is all displayed on the screen.

The game is just really fun. The developers have put a lot of work and they have managed to put what you like in this game. The gameplay is fun even though it just includes tapping the spin button on the screen most of the time. There are mini-games to bring some different action, but the core game is to spin the jackpot machine and win big.
The design or the machine design can change as you progress in this game. You will get to choose from different machine layouts. You can also buy those layouts. But the game should restart to load up the new layout.

Game Currency

Game Currency
Game Currency

This game, unlike many other casino games, features not only two; but up to three in-game currencies. They are:
$: Used for buying virtual items.
Chips: Used for playing the pokies game.
Coins: The rarest one. You use this for buying and unlocking several items like new designs of pokies machines.
It is possible to exchange Chips for $ or $ for Chips. Just remember that they are not real-world currency and work only for this game.


Slot Machine Leader Board

This game has several mini-games on the side. Those can be played for free or if you run out of free turns, you can use coins to play them. The mini-games are:

  • Video Poker: Play video poker for a change, for around 3 minutes.
  • Horse Racing: Bet on a horse and get rewarded on the basis of your horse’s position.
  • Super Spinning: A wheel of fortune like a game where you get awarded as you spin the wheel.
  • Pot of Gold: Click on the pots and win.
  • Scratch Card: Place a bet and then scratch the card to win.

Leveling Up in Pokies Machine

Levelling up in this pokies machine will unlock new things. You level up as you play the game and win more. Now need Star points to do so. You sometimes win multiple star points which allows you to level up quickly.
You will enjoy this Pokies Machine with your Android. Just download this free app from Google Play Store and once installed start to play instantly and enjoy the multiple ways to win, multiple games to play, multiple currencies to collect, virtual items to buy and you even get to rank on the world Leader boards.

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