Top Fascinating Floating Casinos in the World

Floating casinos or cruises offer a great mix of natural appeal and loads of fun and entertainments which appears to be an amazing tourist experience. Such luxury cruise ships were also available at the end of the 19th century. In all these years, they have been modernized and re-designed, and several of them became floating casinos.

Let’s have a glimpse of some of the fascinating and luxury floating casinos available in America and Asia.

American Floating Casinos

The US has sufficient natural places that can easily be constructed as casinos. In the US there are already a few legendary casinos known for its luxury which are also ranked amongst the biggest of all and also popular for its facilities.

1. Victory Casino Cruise

Victory Casino Cruise ship sails twice daily out of Port Canaveral, Florida. It is packed with 600 slots and 27 live games, including roulette and craps. It also rewards its loyal players with free drinks and food, which also includes on this boat trip. You can also visit various entertainment lounges and 5 bars available on board. You are taken care of by the staff members that you would never get bored on this cruise! This casino ship has an edge over others in terms of offering unique services. Both locals and tourists are free to enjoy the fun and entertaining trip for a short period of time, earn points faster than in any other casino, try games even at the minimum stakes. The floating casino is also popular for its TV star appearances along with hosting auditions for TV programs.

2. The Beau Rivage

The Beau Rivage casino is a Biloxi, Mississipi based floating casino which is also a part of a resort with a hotel, restaurants, and multiple other amenities. It is known as one of the largest casinos in the world which has a 72,000 square feet gaming area. It was reconstructed in 2006 as it was damaged by Katrina Hurricane. The name talks about its beauty as it means “Beautiful Shore” in French. Of course, it is located in an attractive location with a stunningly furnished interior. It is equipped with numerous gambling attractions which include high-limit lounges, sports books, slots, poker rooms, and many other zones.

In addition to above-listed, there are many other floating casino cruises that are open for locals and tourists in the United States. These include Casino Queen and Casino Boat which are found on the Mississippi River, Lido Casino in Lido Beach and Sam’s Town riverboat on the Red River.  

Asian Floating Casinos

1. Floating Casino in Macau 

It is said that Hong Kong residents believe that floating casinos in Macau are more attractive to them than the land-based casinos.

Macau Palace has been featured in the 1974 James Bond movie, which is a two-story boat with rather a small facility like tables for baccarat, blackjack, dai-siu and sic bo. In the upper floors, you can play some slot machines. It is a beautiful casino surrounded by regular accommodation units. As Macau is one of the world’s most popular gambling hubs, every casino located there also get popular. This casino may not have the most significant range of games or other attraction, but it is widely popular for its riverside location. Although Macau Palace is not a big casino in the area, tourists love its ambiance and Chinese decoration trend.

2. Goa – A Gambling Center

Goa is known for its gambling interest in the Asian market. There are many floating casinos that is a great tourist attraction like Casino Carnival, Casino Pride, and Casino Pearl. Floating casinos have been made mandated to move ashore by 2020, but it is estimated that a total transformation is not possible until 2022.

3. Deltin Royale

Deltin Royale is the biggest floating casino in Goa. It sits in a gigantic ship with multi-colored displays and 500 tube lights decorated around it. It is divided into three parts. There are 123 classic gaming tables spread on the first part having blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, sic bo, and pontoon. It also has Indian Flush (Teen Patti), which is a local entertainment. It also features a small concert hall and a buffet area found in the second section. The third part is packed with high-limit rooms. You can enjoy subtle piano music on different floors, and it becomes more cheerful in the early mornings.

This floating casino also offers various types of packages, ranging from regular to VIP. You can also avail a two-night stay at Deltin Suites Hotel if you are a VIP member.


Floating casinos are also found in other parts of the world. Like Buenos Aires has one such casino center. In floating casinos, you can feel the thrill and excitement without spending much. If you plan to visit any such casino, this list will help you select the best one.

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