Visible Supports eSIM – Is it true?

What is eSIM?

To start with, do you know what is eSIM? If not, let’s talk about what eSIM is.

As you know to connect to a carrier’s network, your phone needs a SIM card. Using this SIM card, you can make calls, send messages and access mobile data. Usually, it is a small chip that is placed in a tray inside your phone that can be accessed using a SIM tray removal device or something like a small paperclip.

But eSIM is a little different. Although its core function is the same, it’s placed into your phone, it is not a separate card. eSIM’s main benefit is that you can switch back and forth between carriers at any time using this eSIM without needing a different physical SIM whenever you switch.

Visible does not support eSIM


Visible, the popular carrier, does not support eSIM at all.

Whether you buy a phone directly from Visible or get a different handset, you will need to use a physical Visible SIM card to use the mobile service.

It is not sure if visible will start supporting the eSIM in future or not. There is no clear indication from Visible about supporting eSIM, but considering that Verizon does (the network Visible uses for its service), it is quite possible that it would be added at some point down the line.

The Visible SIM kit is free


In case you have your phone and want to bring it over to Visible, you can get the company’s SIM card 100% free. After ensuring your phone is compatible, you can purchase your first month of service and get the SIM card delivered to your address without having to pay anything extra for it.

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