2 Best 45W USB-C Charger for Galaxy Note 10+

The Galaxy Note 10+ is the updated version of Note 9 when it comes to fast charging, switching from QuickCharge 2.0 to 45W Power Delivery charging. PD (Power Delivery) chargers for the Note 10+ also have PPS (Programmable Power Supply), and although there are no many PPS chargers available in the market, here are the best 2 that you can find and use.

1. AUKEY 74.5W 3-Port Wall Charger with 46W Power Delivery


You do not have to carry multiple chargers when one charger can do it all! This charger from AUKEY is packed with a Qualcomm QC 3.0 port, 46W Power Delivery charging with PPS, and an extra USB-A port for charging accessories like power banks and headphones.

$57 at Amazon

2. Samsung 45W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger


Samsung has its official PD charger, which is amazingly effective, compact and affordable for a first-party fast charger. Although the drawback is that it does not have folding prongs. But this did not cut down its power, it’s still powerful, tiny and the only charger that will work for sure.

$50 at Samsung

The best part of the Note 10+ using Power Delivery charging is that it can charge all of its tools, accessories, speaker, and laptop if you happen to lay your hand on the right charger. But for this, you have to choose your chargers very mindfully as the Note 10+ requires PPS also other than Power Delivery 3.0.


Zeroing in the chargers that actually will charge the Note 10+ at 45W has been fraught, and the best one you can rely upon right now that can certainly charge the Note 10+ at top speed is the Samsung 45W Charger.

AUKEY charger with PPS is the AUKEY 74.5W Charger, which is also packed with a Qualcomm QuickCharge port along with a “smart” AIPower port. In case you are looking for a multi-port charger with PPS, this is the best tool you can use.

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