2 Best 45W USB-C Charger for Galaxy Note 10+

The Galaxy Note 10+ is the updated version of Note 9 when it comes to fast charging, switching from QuickCharge 2.0 to 45W Power Delivery charging. PD (Power Delivery) chargers for the Note 10+ also have PPS (Programmable Power Supply), and although there are not many PPS chargers available in the market, here are the best 2 that you can find and use.

2 Best 45W USB-C Charger for Galaxy Note 10+

1. AUKEY 74.5W 3-Port Wall Charger with 46W Power Delivery


You do not have to carry multiple chargers when one charger can do it all! This charger from AUKEY is packed with a Qualcomm QC 3.0 port, 46W Power Delivery charging with PPS, and an extra USB-A port for charging accessories like power banks and headphones.

It features three ports to use. Let’s have a look at the Power Delivery port, as it’s the main reason for getting this charger.

It is because the Power Delivery port on this charger is of 46W Power Delivery charging speed. Most power delivery wall chargers with multiple ports have an 18W charging speed.

But with 46W of Power Delivery charging, it will charge faster the compatible smartphones like the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3, iPhone XS, and Galaxy Note 10+.

The benefits of PD charging don’t stop there, you can also use the USB-C port to charge USB-C Power Delivery laptops like the MacBook. You can also charge more powerful and updated laptops with a USB-C port like the Dell XPS 13 which needs 45W of charging power.

Also, you can charge the XPS 13 with this charger.

There are many single-port USB-C chargers with 30W of charging power, but with a higher Power Delivery charging rate, you can charge many other devices also compatible with this charging device.



This charger is heavier and larger than a normal 3-port USB wall charger, and it is all because there is more power being used with this charger.

With a length of 3.9 inches, a width of 3 inches, and a thickness of 1.2 inches, the weight of the charger comes to 7.6 Ounces.

Although it is not large, it is large compared to a regular wall charger that uses a built-in AC adapter. But this USB charger features a built-in power cord. It’s still portable, but carrying it in your pocket may not be the best option and comfortable.

Structure and Material

The build quality of this charger is quite evident as what you expect from Aukey products and that means it’s a well-built product.

It is made of plastic, but it looks premium quality and also gives you a feeling of owning a premium quality product. All three posts hold strongly to the cables that you place into them.



The technology is great as the charger does not get heated up even if you’re using all the ports at the same time. It might be as Aukey uses a larger heatsink with the charger to regulate the heat that it generates.


You can rely on this charging port and it is highly reliable if you can understand its real worth and can make use of the Quick Charge and Power Delivery charging. You get this charger for the 46W of Power Delivery charging, and the Quick Charge, second.

If you want to solely use the Quick Charge then it’s great to look for a Quick Charge wall charger where you can use one port or multiple ports that don’t use Power Delivery.

The higher price is due to the usage of Power Delivery. Aukey has developed a valuable Power Delivery wall charger that goes further than an average 30W Power Delivery charger, and it also features a Quick Charge port.

$57 at Amazon

2. Samsung 45W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger


Samsung has its official PD charger, which is amazingly effective, compact and affordable for a first-party fast charger. Although the drawback is that it does not have folding prongs. But this did not cut down its power, it’s still powerful, tiny and the only charger that will work for sure.

This Samsung wall charger features 45 Watt Superfast Charge capability and also uses Power Delivery (PD) to give the most efficient charge possible. Any PD device, including Galaxy Note10+, can get charged at up to 45W.

You can plug into any standard wall socket using the given AC adapter. The superfast charger delivers up to 3 Amp to give your phone power at a much faster speed than your standard 1A or 700mA charger.


You get a detachable USB-C to USB-C cable in the box, so you can charge your phone from any other USB-C power source like your computer or a portable battery. Use the cable to connect and transfer files at high speeds with your Galaxy or any other compatible smartphone or laptop.

Fast charging is most effective when charging from a low battery i.e. 5-15% up to about 50-60%. Your phone’s charging technology will influence the output from the power adapter. The 45W is the maximum that it can produce but your phone may only request 20-25W or even less, as per the battery levels and specific phone models.

The majority of the charging circuitry will instantly limit the current once you hit about 80% charge. This is an amazing charger and is even better when you’re already low and need a quick push up to 50-70%. That’s where high-power chargers like this can manage the show and this one does not disappoint.

$50 at Samsung

The best part of the Note 10+ using Power Delivery charging is that it can charge all of its tools, accessories, speaker, and laptop if you happen to lay your hand on the right charger. But for this, you have to choose your chargers very mindfully as the Note 10+ requires PPS also other than Power Delivery 3.0.


Zeroing in the chargers that actually will charge the Note 10+ at 45W has been fraught, and the best one you can rely upon right now that can certainly charge the Note 10+ at top speed is the Samsung 45W Charger.

AUKEY charger with PPS is the AUKEY 74.5W Charger, which is also packed with a Qualcomm QuickCharge port along with a “smart” AIPower port. In case you are looking for a multi-port charger with PPS, this is the best tool you can use.

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