Interesting Casely Cases for Galaxy S10

If you have a Galaxy S10 there is no sense of hiding it in some hideous black brick of a case! But cases get stale carrying all day, every day and everywhere. Here I have rounded up some interesting and durable cases for Galaxy S10 phone which will never keep your Galaxy S10 boring anymore.

Casely is the new case sold in various interesting and beautiful designs and colors, like floral, pink marble, sunflowers, checkerboard, etc., which will keep you fresh and excited.

1. Casely Marble Moon Case


This case has a thin black case the grips the Galaxy S10 well and offers sleek sides and printed back to keep the phone in your hand. You will find small button covers here. Although these are stiff but still easy to use, and you will feel nice holding your phone.

The printed design was great and you would not like to hide it, especially once you will come to know that it glows in the dark!

You can either leave your phone face-down under a lamp or in a PhoneSoap to charge the ink before it glows. Once it is charged up, the effect is beautiful and it lasts for about ten to fifteen minutes before fading.

2. Casely Bright Yellow Sunflowers Case


This clear case is a little bit thicker than the moon case, although both are classic cases in Casely’s system. You will find the sunflower pattern printed on this case, which is very summery and holds up well over the days you carry it.

In this case, the buttons are a little less stiff on the clear model, but it’s a little more slippery. The inside of Casely’s clear case is devoid of dot-matrix pattern, which means it will not interfere with the pattern printed on the outside. But it on getting hit by the grease and moisture the case will get the “oil on asphalt” rainbowing splotches. So better to clean your case frequently.


There are many other S10 cases but these two were the best I admired. You can pick either of it. The real beauty of Casely is the subscription club that allows you to pick a new case every month or every quarter. But, Casely won’t be offering subscriptions until at least the end of 2019, and by then, it’ll be the time for the arrival of the Galaxy S11.

Still, if you’re tired of solid-color cases and predictable patterns, you can move to casely as a fine alternative, and when the subscription comes along, it’ll offer you an exciting alternative to sifting through Amazon and grabbing cute cases on sale.

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