Google Plans New Layout for Android App Store

google play

Android is gearing up with fresh look for its App Store soon.

Google has recently announced plans to revamp it’s Android app store. Google plans to offer fresh ways for Android users to subscribe, download, and pay on Google Play. Google Play is Android’s app store where users can download useful apps and exciting games. The search engine giant is also looking at new user acquisition strategies to bring users in emerging markets.

“As the next billion users come online, many with little or no access to credit cards, we want to help deliver the best payments experience for both developers and consumers,” said Sameer Samat, vice president of product management for Android & Google Play.

Google operates its own online hardware retailer called Google store. It sells Google products such as Android smartwatches, Nexus gdgets, Chromecasts, and other accessories such as phone covers and desktop keyboards. Google has announce in Q1 of 2015 that it will rebrand its device section as Google Play.

Google Plans to Apply AI Tech on Google Play

Android Headlines reports that Google is searching for ways to implement artificial intelligence to Google Play store.  The big idea here is to implement recommendation algorithms that will depend on AI solutions to determine and assess user behavior and preferences. This will enable Google to make substantial and relevant suggestions for users.

Google is looking not only to present a fresh Google Play layout but offer an innovative way in mobile app usage. Furthermore, Google intends to support a wide range of payment methods via Google Play. The interesting news is that Google already has Android Pay. Android Pay is Google’s online payment services which is rolling out in other regions now. It seems Google wants to bring in revenue by supporting other payment options since Android is an open ecosystem.

Google’s Answer to Apple’s App Store Improvements

Google’s plans to redesign a better and innovative app store come after Apple has announced its Apple App Store changes earlier this year. Apple has made it more convenient for iPhone users to update apps faster and offer better subscription via its app store.

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