Had Enough of iPhones? Step Up Your Game with the Android Advantage

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Check out how Google’s Android OS is overwhelming more users with useful apps and great online poker games. Check out how Google’s Android OS is overwhelming more users with useful apps and great online poker games.

When it comes to branding initiatives, Apple easily overwhelms Android. However, the Android OS has been making significant strides over the years, it has already had an 84.7% market share since Q3 of 2015. While it seems everyone is using an iPhone, Android devices are slowly taking over. Here is iPhones Game With Android Advantage.

Google is making it easier for web developers to create online games and apps. One can easily download an app on Google Play, and the next thing you know is that you are already playing your favourite games.

Android devices like smartphones and tablets have been overwhelming the market. The “Google Factor” where Android devices can easily integrate with your Google accounts is one of the main reasons why the Android OS is favoured by many.

People are using their mobile devices to access their social media accounts and log in to their emails. Aside from that, poker machines found on Google Play are addictive for many users. So aside from games and social apps, what can Android still offer?

Here are 5 Android Advantages to Enhance User Experience:

1. Launchers


Check out your friend’s iPhone and most likely you won’t see the difference between his home screen and your Android phone’s. The same doesn’t apply to every Android smartphone. Try a custom launcher to customize how your Android smartphone or tablet looks.

There’s a wide array of customer launcher apps on Google Play which you can download to customize your Android experience from page transitions to home screen layouts. The idea here is that Android gives you freedom in terms of personalising your smartphone more compared to an iOS device.

2. Android Exclusive Games

Android Exclusive Games
Android Exclusive Games

The Android OS is a favourite among game developers, which is why there are more free games and apps on Android compared to iOS. The Android advantage? Ports of the same apps are free on Android, but on iOS, you need to shell out some bucks to download it.  From online casino games to Instagram-like apps, Android is an advocate of the freemium model in terms of apps. “Free” is how you market your apps and get downloads from millions of users.

3. Custom ROM

Customisation is where Android is good at.  After you purchase an Android device, you can change the software with a custom ROM. Basically, it’s installing a new operating system, and most Android users do such in order to upgrade the slow version of their device.

The great thing about installing a custom ROM your device will perform better and you can have access to a number of add-ons or new tools. Follow the tutorial on how to install the custom ROM as long as your device is supported, then installation should go well. Choose from OS options like Firefox OS, Sailfish etc.

4. Multi-Tasking

Android Multitasking

While you can multi-task using an iOS device, it doesn’t come close to the level of multi-tasking that Android smartphones offer. Apple is trying to catch up on adapting key multi-tasking features. Android will offer a better form of multi-window navigation which will enable a smoother user experience both for gaming enthusiasts and casual users.

5. Widgets

Android has an edge when it comes to widgets. Its static rows of icons are all over the place compared to iOS. You can easily see all the information at a glance on your home screen without tapping an app. Even Microsoft saw the advantage of placing in your face “live tiles” for faster updates on its home screen. These are the iPhones Game With Android Advantage.

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