WhatsApp Adds Video Calling Feature to Android


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WhatsApp is launching its video calling feature for Android users soon.

Android users have reported that a beta version containing the video calling feature is available for a trial use. WhatsApp is a $19 billion app that is used by over a billion users. The app is now adding finishing touches to completely launch its video calling feature.

Android Police reports that the video calling function can work on a number of Android users without an update. Users can try installing the latest beta version 2.16.318 available on APK Mirror. A camera icon will show up once you installed the beta version. You can do video calling given that your contacts have installed the similar beta version as well.

How to Use WhatsApp Video Calling Beta

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Users who have installed the beta version can access the video call feature. You need to tap the call button or simply tap on a contact to try the video calling option. A new dialog box will show up. It will offer you the option to select a standard voice call or a video call. The call log will detail video calls with a camera icon. The minor issue with the beta version is that users won’t be able to initiate a video call session with contacts that haven’t installed the similar WhatsApp version.

Video Calling Also Offered Windows Mobile

Windows Phone users are also getting a treat from WhatsApp. The video calling feature can be used on Windows phones as well. The nice thing about using WhatsApp on Windows phones is that users don’t need to update the app. You can easily enable it on the call options. Video calls will similarly work as on Android. Tap the call button then choose between a voice call and a video call. You can easily switch cameras during a video call session.

What’s Next for WhatsApp Video Calling?

Arguably, WhatsApp has been inconsistent in releasing complete version of updates. A beta version was already available in Q2 but Whatsapp pulled it out without notice. The voice calling feature took several months before they completely made it available to users.

What’s interesting right now is how it will tie up with parent company Facebook’s Facebook Messenger. Will WhatsApp’s video calling a mere bait to offer Messenger to its userbase? It’s always a possibility for Facebook to complement its products with each other. Let’s just wait and see if WhatsApp’s video calling feature will complement Facebook Messenger as well.

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