Why Google’s Pixel Phones Raises the Game for Android


google pixel phone

Google has released a new series of phones – The Pixel smartphones. Will it step up the game for Android?

Google has recently announced its two new Pixel smartphones in October. The Pixel line has already been leaked online even before Google officially announced the new smartphone models. The specs and colour variants were leaked on the Internet already. This gives us one aspect that we could explore. Will the Pixel smartphones step up the ante for Android?

Google had different hardware partners before whenever they release new smartphones under its Nexus line. The idea though is that no matter how consistent the Nexus phones are in all aspects, it was never seen as Android’s flagship phone. Enter Pixel – will it be another runner-up in the Android race? Or will it raise the standards of an Android phone?

Google’s Fragmentation Equation

Arguably, most people would say that an Android phone is the ordinary man’s phone. However, there’s new lingering issue aside from being a fragmented platform. Android Nougat was supposed to be better than the latest version of iOS. It’s an excellent operating system, thing is, not even 5% of Android users have installed it.  Android users still think that Android KitKat is the most reliable Android OS today.

“The fragmented Android ecosystem is very competitive with very low margins. Even Samsung makes only 17 percent margins,” says, Anindya Ghose, director of the Centre for Business Analytics at NYU Stern.

Google’s Nexus line carry pretty high-quality phones and they were competitively priced. It’s the distribution channel that wasn’t really good. Google has own channels although it was considered limited. A glimmer of hope was seen though as Google Motorola Nexus 6 had a great reception from users. Industry pundits saw this as the linchpin for the development of Pixel phone models.

So Will the Pixel Release Make a Difference?

Pixel represents Google’s current vision. The search giant has tapped HTC for its hardware needs. The good thing here is that the overall concept is from Google. The Pixel carries the label “Made by Google” it’s a statement that Google is trying to make a flagship phone for its own mobile OS to address the need for a single phone to be synonymous with Google.

The Pixel smartphone might be Google’s answer to user concerns about fragmentation. The question here isn’t how Pixel will raise the game for Android. The real question would be: What would Google do for Pixel to be Android and Android to be Pixel.

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