5 Poker Games Not Available in Any Casino

It is quite obvious if you think the only poker games you could enjoy are Texas Holdem and Omaha. Because these games are widely available in a casino poker room, and Texas Holdem is the only poker game you can watch playing on television.

But the poker world is packed with many more to offer.

You might often find 7-card stud, razz, HORSE being played depending on the casino and the cardroom manager.

When it comes to the in-home poker games, you will find immense variety of poker variations. In this blog, I have assorted for you 8 fun poker games that you could never find in any casino and is meant to be played at home.

1 – Five and Two

This is a 5-card draw poker game played high-low featuring 2 community cards instead of just one. Being played high-low, you will have 2 winning hands—one high, and one low. You need to use 2 community cards together in your final hand or not at all.

Every player gets 5 cards, and the 2 community cards are also dealt face up simultaneously.  After a betting round it is followed by a drawing phase where you can discard or change cards from your 5-card hand. In the final round of betting and a showdown you will have to decide to play in either of the 2 ways:

Either you can limit every player to one hand, and let them decide and showdown where they are going high or low OR you can play it like Omaha high-low, where you have chance to have both the best possible high hand and the best possible low hand.

2 – Spit in the Ocean

This game is the 5-card draw variation. In 5-card draw game, every player gets 5 cards face-down. There’s a betting round followed by the chance to discard and replace cards from your hand. Next comes a final betting round followed by a showdown.

But in Spit in the Ocean, you have 4 cards instead of 5, and you can discard and replace up to 2 cards only. You also have a “spit card,” which is the 5th card in your hand which is a community card dealt face up.

3 – Cincinnati

This is a community card game somewhat similar to Omaha but in this you get 5 hole cards and 4 community cards. The 4 community cards are dealt face-down one by one. After initial deal, you will have a round of betting, then there’s another round of betting once each community card is exposed. The dealer may make any of the 4 community cards wild before turning them over. Another variation is to play “Low Hole Cincinnati” where every player gets his own wild card and whatever his low card in the hole card becomes wild for the player.

4 – Roll Your Own

This game is a variation of 7-card stud where you need to decide which cards remain face down and which cards get turned face up.

Usually, in 7-card stud, the game starts with 2 cards face down, and one card face up. But in Roll Your Own, 3 cards are face down to start with and you can decide which card to turn face up. And the same rule is followed by a round of betting.

This game is traditionally played in high-low format also, which is common among 7-card stud games. Wild cards may not be necessarily the part of a Roll Your Own game, although they can be if the dealer chooses to do so. Majority of the player opt to keep their good cards face down and expose their bad cards which makes it harder for the opponents to guess what the player are holding.

5 – Follow the Queen

Follow the Queen is also a 7-card stud game with a wild card that can be changed in the game-play. When a queen is dealt to someone, the next card dealt who is obviously the next player turns out to be a wild card.

In case any another queen is dealt, that wild card would cease to be wild and the next player will become the wild card. In case the final face-up card is a queen, none of the earlier cards remain wild. This game is always played high-only. Although it is a fun game but may get irritating when the wild card changes.

It may become tough to ascertain if you are in the game or not as the wild card could change at any time. If you enjoy poker with a lot of luck in play, this is the game for you.


As you know there are several variations of poker than Texas Holdem and Omaha which are widely played at home. If you’ve never tried any of the above listed variants, check it out today and have a great time with your buddies.

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