Aristocrat Vampire Slots Pokies for Android

Vampire slots

Aristocrat is the brand gaming company that has some unique pokies titles to play. All of the Aristocrat pokies games have outstanding graphics and superb animation with great sound quality. One of the Halloween themed slots that you will love to play on your Android is the Vampire Slots.

You will experience a different kind of shiver and thrilling experience with the Prince of Darkness when you play Aristocrat Vampire Slots. You will be enjoying the same casino slot machine game entertainment but with the company of Count Dracula. As you play the game you need to outwit the Bats from Hell

Vampire Slots

Wonderful features of this game

  • Exciting bonus games and bonus spins to grab
  • 20 and 30 Win Lines
  • Daily big win bonus
  • Amazing 12 themes so you do not get bored.
  • Fast reel stop
  • Auto play
  • Vlad is Back, Twilight Nightmare themes and many more to play
  • Game Center High Scores

The game got updated so that you can enjoy having fun without any bugs existing in the match. It is also accompanied with more new features that you can purchase for the game. The new aristocrat vampire slot has been for up to a size of 19Mb, and if you are planning to get it, it requires that you have an Android 2.2 device.


If you have played aristocrat vampire slot and enjoy vampire themes, then you will need to get this pokie slots. For those who prefer an exciting game, then you will not get bored with the new pokies game on your android phone. Meeting Dracula at a point of finishing the game is something you will not want to miss. Get there to see how you get shivers on your back when you encounter the Dracula.

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