Call of Duty Mobile – Does it has Bots?

Call of Duty: Mobile has gotten a lot of traction and has become the biggest mobile game in the world. It managed to hit 20 million players in just two days. This has made many players suspect that there could be bots in the game, allowing new players to find their feet when they start playing.

Till now, Activision hasn’t given any statement about the existence of bots in the lower rungs of the game’s multiplayer mode. As you step up in the game towards rank 10, you’ll steadily play against a few more players every time. As per the experiments, you can start playing matches against only human opponents from level 10 onwards.

Robo Recall

Integrating bots into multiplayer games isn’t a new idea these days. PUBG Mobile offers you the games that you can play with your friends against solely AI players for your first couple of matches to make you feel strong. This method allows you to get things more comfortable about the games before you go up against the veterans. It’s going to be the same for Fortnite Season 11, which will put you against bots so you can learn the game without being killed by a hyperactive teenager.

PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty


PUBG Mobile’s bot players have been a great way for players to slip into the strategies and learn the nuances of the game. In fact, Call of Duty: Mobile’s bots are equally interesting. So if you think you’re playing too good, you may be just playing bots.

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