The best phone plans to grab from 25 mobile carriers in Australia for your Android in 2020

The best phone plans to grab from 25 mobile carriers in Australia for your Android in 2020

In the year 2020, Australian telecom is offering 5 G to more Android mobiles. Also, different phone carriers are offering great phone plans and deals. Whether it is SIM -only plan, Prepaid plan, Postpaid plan, Bring your own phone plan or any other here are the best phone plans to grab from 25 mobile carriers in Australia for your Android in 2020. Most of the best plans come under AU$30. Note that all these plans are subject to change and limit to expiry so better check the latest offers at the links provided under each.

1. Catch Connect Mobile Plans

Catch Connect offers prepaid plans on the Optus 4G Plus network and there are plenty of options available, so whether you prefer a 30-day, 90-day or 365-day plan, you’ll be able to find a prepaid plan to suit your needs.

At the time of writing Catch Connect was offering a special introductory deal for its 90-day plans: just $15 for your first 90 days across selected plans (8GB, 35GB, and 54GB). Prices will revert to normal from your first recharge onwards, so you’ll then pay $39 for the 15GB plan, $69 for 35GB, and $89 for 54GB and these are all 90-day plans. This promotion will run for a limited time and is available to all new customers.

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2. Boost Mobile Plans

Boost mobile plans

Boost Mobile is a long-time Telstra MVNO and has access to the full Telstra network. Boosts all plans include data-free Apple Music streaming and all plans include some international call inclusions, with the included countries varying from plan to plan. Plans are available across seven-day, 28-day, six-month and 12-month expiry plans. There are plans along with the $10 and $20 prepaid offers and you might receive some big permanent data jumps, so you can score a huge 65GB per month for $70 plus 15GB in bonus data.

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3. Southern Phone Mobile Plans

Southern phone mobile plans

Southern Phone Company is one of the largest and most successful providers of fixed-line, mobile and Internet communications services in regional Australia. It’s Green plans operate on the Optus 4G network, on both month to month and 12-month plans. If you’re comfortable to sign on for 12 months, you stand to receive slightly better deals with extra data compared to the month-to-month options.

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4. Moose Mobile Plans

Moose mobile plans

Moose Mobile offers great deals and offers on their month to month plans. Also, they have a 12-month plan which are of more value. If you’re willing to sign up for a year, you can stand to receive a more competitive phone plan with more data for your money. Moose operates on the Optus network so you get good coverage and a great price.

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5. Telstra Mobile Plans

Telstra mobile plans

Telstra has a wide array of deals and bonuses to entice you over across its prepaid and postpaid plans, including data-free Apple Music streaming from the service. You’ll also get:

  • Free Telstra Air WiFi hotspot use
  • Data-free sports streaming from Australian netball, A-League, NRL, AFL, and AFLW
  • Data-free streaming of Apple Music

If you’re looking for a plan with Android like Samsung Galaxy S10 then month-to-month plans are available with devices bundled on or as SIM-only.

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6. Vodafone Mobile Plans

Vodafone mobile plans

Vodafone offers plans and awesome bonus data The popularity of Vodafone is that it offers free Netflix subscriptions from time to time and also boosts data allowances – current offers include 5GB to 120GB of bonus data on selected SIM-only 12-month plans, The more you spend, the more bonuses you stand to receive. Unlike Telstra and Optus, you won’t get any entertainment extras thrown in, but you can add these on for $5-$15 extra each month.

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7. TeleChoice Mobile Plans

Telechoice mobile plans

TeleChoice offers to sign up on a contract over 12-month or 24-months rather than the month-to-month plans. If you sign up for a year or two, you’ll get a more competitive phone plan at your disposal with savings between $3 and $9 per month available. It may not seem like much, but that adds up to $100+ annually in savings.

For a limited time, you can pick up bonus data across a range of SIM-only plans. You’ll get an extra 1GB on the Small plan, 7GB extra on the Medium plan, on the Large you’ll get 12GB and the X-Large will get you an extra 20GB of data, which brings your total data up to 50GB.

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8. Amaysim Mobile Plans

Amaysim mobile plans

Amaysim offers six prepaid mobile phone plans. Amaysim also offers energy plans and had previously provided free mobile plans for customers signing up for energy. Also, the prepaid range includes an Unlimited 60GB plan for $50 over a 28 day billing period, that’s less than $1 per 1GB.

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9. Woolworths Mobile Plans

Woolworths Mobile Plans

Woolworths offers plans bundled with a new mobile phone; available devices include the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e. Also, you can also choose between prepaid plans and 12-month SIM-only plans.

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10. Belong Mobile Plans

Belong Mobile Plans

Belong has expanded to offer mobile phone plans on the Telstra network. As a direct subsidiary of Telstra, Belong exists as a low-cost alternative to the big blue telco and offers some interesting postpaid mobile phone plans. At $25, you can receive unlimited calls and SMS, plus 10GB data.

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11. Yomojo Mobile Plans

Yomojo Mobile Plans

Yomojo is on Optus network and offers some competitive prepaid plans, including a plan specifically designed for kids. If you’re part of a multi-user household, the telco also offers family bundling discounts: bundle two or more services, you stand to save up to 15% every 30 days, as opposed to if you sourced each plan separately.

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12. Exetel Mobile Plans

Exetel Mobile Plans

Exetel runs on the Optus 4G network with no-contract plans starting at under $10 (with 300 minutes of calls, SMS and 1GB of data) and going up to $29.99 with a generous 18GB of data.

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13. Pennytel Mobile Plans

Pennytel mobile plans

Pennytel is operating as an MVNO on the Telstra mobile network, Pennytel offers five SIM-only postpaid phone plans on a month-to-month basis. The focus is on simple plans across four price points and great customer support.

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14. OVO Mobile Plans

Ovo Mobile plans

OVO Mobile is a prepaid provider on the Optus network.  If you’re looking at a phone plan for your child, there are two OVO plans specifically designed for kids, the Mini and MiniPlus plans. The Mini plan includes some 500 minutes for standard national calls and unlimited national SMS with 2GB of data. The MiniPlus plan has unlimited standard national calls and SMS plus 4GB of data. There are also some reasonable data inclusions on the top three plans with 30GB on the Medium, 35GB on the Large and 40GB on the Extra Large plan. The international call inclusions are also fairly generous with 100 to 1,000 minutes on the three top-level plans.

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15. Vaya Mobile Plans

Vaya mobile plans AU

Vaya has continued to build upon its competitive postpaid SIM-only plans. Vaya uses the Optus network and offers four base plans on six-month contracts. There are five month-to-month plans available, but if you’re willing to sign up for a six-month contract, you can get extra data on your plan each month

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16. Optus Mobile Plans

Optus mobile

Optus is known for offering plenty of incentives for customers across its range of plans, including bonus data and the following plan extras:

  • Free Optus Sport, including live Premier League content
  • Free six or 12-month Apple Music subscription

There are other Promo plans for set devices, plan discounts and even free gifts with certain plans and device plans.

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17. Kogan Mobile Plans

Kogan Mobile plans

Kogan Mobile is operated on the Vodafone 4G network. Although all of its prepaid plans are offered on a 30-day contract-free basis, Kogan is especially competitive with discounts if you commit to 90 days or more upfront.

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18. ALDI Mobile Plans

Aldi mobile plans

 ALDI Mobile plans mean you can enjoy a massive 60GB data for $55; enough for social media scrolling lots of video streaming. ALDI Mobile is a prepaid provider running off the Telstra network, so you know you’re getting great coverage. You’ll also be able to roll over any of your unused data. ALDI mobile prepaid SIM cards are pre-loaded with $5 of included Pay As You Go (PAYG) credit.

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19. Coles Mobile Plans

Coles Mobile plans

Coles Mobile has a range of prepaid plans, with two out of its four options featuring a 35-day expiry period and the other two on 10-day and 365-day expiries. If you’re willing to commit for 12 months, Coles Mobile’s 365-day plan for $180, features 36GB of total data. This works out to be 3GB each month for only $15, but you will have to pay upfront and ration out your data pool over the course of the year.

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20. Jeenee Mobile Plans

Jeenee mobile plans

Jeenee Mobile has more competitive SIM-only plans on its one-month and 12-month offerings. Currently, Jeenee Mobile is throwing in a $20 voucher with all Jeenee Mobile plans, for a limited time. This $20 coupon can be used on any product available from the Jeenee.Shop, including mobile phone accessories such as cases, speakers, memory cards and headphones.

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21. Lebara Mobile Plans

Lebara mobile plans

Lebara new customers can score some generous data bonuses on their first and second recharges. You’ll get 14GB bonus data in the first month by activating the $24.90 Small starter pack, an extra 24GB on the $29.90 Medium and a bonus 28GB on the $39.90 Large, 35GB on the $49.90 Extra Large and 38GB on the $69.90 Extra Extra Large starter pack.

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22. Lyca Mobile Plans

Lyca mobile plans

Lyca uses Telstra’s 4G and 3G networks. The telco is also known to offer discounts on recharges and bonus data, so it’s worth checking from time to time to see whats available. Lycamobile is currently offering bonus data and discounts on your first month’s plan fees across a range of plans for new customers, for a limited time.

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23. SpinTel Mobile Plans

Spintel mobile plans

SpinTel offers five postpaid mobile phone plans, with prices starting at $9.95 and going up to $26.95. While the Small plan offers you 2GB of data under $10, your national calls are capped at 100 minutes, however, if you prefer unrestricted calling, all SpinTel plans of $15.95 per month and up, all including unlimited national calls and text.

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24. TPG Mobile Plans

TPG Mobile plans

TPG is offering discounted rates for your first six months four prepaid plans. TPG currently uses Vodafone’s coverage.

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25. Dodo Mobile Plans

Dodo mobile plans

Dodo offers a small range of postpaid plans on month-to-month plans with optional international calls, MMS and data add ons. You can pick up a plan for $5 with call and SMS inclusions, with the option of adding on a 2GB data pack for an additional monthly $10. Dodo also operates on Optus’ 4G network nationwide, so you’ll get great coverage and fast data speeds.

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Now choose your provider or switch to the one you like and get a good plan according to your requirement.

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