How to Add Gems to your Kid’s Pokémon Masters Account?

By making use of the Google Play gift cards, you can easily make an absolute fortune out of the Pokemon Masters game and fill it up in your child’s account. It is in your best interest that you spend your money through the gift cards rather than go off directly with your credit card. Here is How to Add Gems to your Kid’s Pokémon Masters Account?

How do you spend Gems in Pokémon Masters?

The general idea in Pokemon Masters is to gather as many Sync Pairs as you can. At times classic Pokemon Trainers with their favourite Pokemon join the Pokemon Masters League. Some of the more iconic pairs can be unlocked such as Misty and Brock as you go through the storyline and you can also add Gems to look at your team.

The cost goes up to 300 Free Gems when you are to scout a Sync Pair from the shop. It uses a Loot Box Mechanic to arbitrarily select a new trainer and Pokemon pair.

Unlock sync pairs with paid gems


It becomes very clear to one after playing the game for some time that this game has been designed to enthral you with in-app purchases. It helps you unlock more Sync Pairs faster. You can spend 300 FG to scout a random new Sync Pair and add them to your roster at your will.  However, the Paid Gems cost three times as valuable as in Pokemon Masters, as you can scout a new Sync Pair for 100 Paid Gems.

It becomes a great deal for a child to carefully spend those PGs because he/she is oblivious about the money leaving his/her account because it has already been transacted into Google Play Gift Cards.

There is a limit on Paid Gems as you are only allowed to have about 80,000 PGs in one account and cannot have any more than that. The developers have my gratitude for installing a feature that allows you to know about the number of in-app purchases you have made so far and keep a track of the Paid Gems that you keep on buying.

A major point is to link your Pokemon Masters to a Nintendo Account of your own. Gems do not require any redeeming value as they do not expire however if you switch to a different phone, your unused gems become unrecoverable. This also happens if you uninstall the app or delete all data from your mobile without linking it to a Nintendo Account. It also varies on what kind of OSS you are playing as you cannot transfer gems from iOS if you are switching to Android and vice-versa.

Turn on spending notifications


It is a must for hardcore Pokemon Master Players to turn on their spending notifications. They are built for the primary objective to notify you about the PGs that you brought in the game so that your kid doesn’t accidentally go on a rampage and spend all your money.

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