Wheel of Chance

How to Play the Wheel of Chance Slot    


This is a three stepper reel slot machine with only one pay line on offer still, it comes with a fairly frequent bonus wheel spinning feature where you can win some very large amounts of cash if you happen to be a bit lucky!

In this slot machine, you can play one, two or three coins per spin and the more coins you activate and use in play on that single pay line, greater the chance of winning a bigger jackpot.

Bonus Game and Feature

Let us have a quick sneak peek into the special reel symbols and the bonus game that you might win if you decide to get stuck into play.

The very first thing you should know is this slot machine comes with its own unique set of wild multiplier symbols i.e. Diamond reel symbols. If you happen to get one of them in any winning combination, it doubles the winning combination.

And by any chance, you get two of those symbols spinning in and you chance to stumble upon the winning combination you will get the pay four times more.

If you happen to get all three Diamond symbols spinning in, you will win the jackpot payout which varies in volume given how many coins you wagered on the base game spin they spun in on.

One more aspect, while playing this slot machine if you choose to wager three coins per spin on its one single pay line then you might get a bonus game too. This bonus game will be a wheel spinning game where you just have to set the bonus wheel spinning to understand which segment of the wheel will spin in. The prize in the segment of the wheel that stops facing the winning arrow is the one you will win.

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