Google Failing Put Androids’ Security at Risk


Google has put the security of its Android operating system at risk when it handed over the prerogative to release security patches to device manufacturers.

Thus, millions of mobile gadgets using Google’s Android operating system is vulnerable to being appropriated by a malicious text messages because of a mistake Google made during the creation of the Android and because of this flaw, there will always be a possibility that users’ private lives will become even more defenseless against hackers.

Screenshot of Google Failing Put Androids’ Security at Risk
Google Failing Put Androids’ Security at Risk

It is not a rarity that software releases come with flaws. It happens to Microsoft Windows or Apple on their mobile and desktop software releases but they are able to push as soon as it is possible updates to help correct the flaws.  Users will receive a message from the maker of the software instructing them to install the update to make things right.  For example updates for Microsoft Windows 10 were recently released and these are mandatory and automatic for home users.

Google— Endorsing or not to Android updates?

Google, on the other hand, will not be able to endorse an update for Android because it gives out the operating system lock stock and barrel to device manufacturers for free.  The device manufacturers gains the liberty to tamper with it, put in other features or apps and they are the only ones, as well as the cellular carriers, in some instances, that can issue updates for the gadgets they promote or market.  The only restriction Google requires of these companies are those that are connected to the use of its app store but disregarding the requirement for immediate pushing of security updates.

Owners of Android devices are left fending for themselves when it comes to security issues because device manufacturers and carriers couldn’t care less if flaws involving operating systems or software are corrected or not as their priority is selling the devices and not keeping it secure.

Computer security experts agree that the most important way of maintaining computer security is by employing security updates as they are released.

Of late, Google has devised workarounds to somehow correct the Android’s security flaw.  It has shifted a lot of key functions into apps which will enable it to provide updates through its app store.  However, this is not applicable to all Androids and also, the app store does not automatically announce if a certain update for an app is there to enhance the features or for security reasons.

Screenshot of Google Failing Put Androids’ Security at Risk
Google Failing Put Androids’ Security at Risk


The vulnerability of text messages may not be completely corrected by upgrading apps.  Add to that the remote possibility of Android devices developed by Google to ever getting any kind of security patches.

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