Slots By Zynga

Zynga is a well-known game development company that not only creates exciting games but also connects communities at social level across borders languages and cultures. Their popular games like Farmville, Words with Friends and Zynga Poker are all loved by so many players worldwide. Now Slots by Zynga is available for both Android and iOS players to enjoy on their mobile.

How to Play Slots by Zynga on Android

You can download this app free from play store or from app store here. Once you have the app installed you can play instantly Zynga Slots and get into the spinning action after an introductory allotment of Z-coins. The Alice-themed Wonderland machine is a good one for beginners, as it has just enough features to be interesting without so much going on that it overwhelms people who don’t generally play slots games.

Themes in Slots by Zynga

Spin your virtual reels to win and win big with coins and collections, although not real, you will feel all the rush of a pay for play game. You will find many different themes and adventures for you in this slot. Many different magical worlds will excite your senses and are good for hours of fun play. Make sure you are paying your full attention to cash in on the great rewards.

If you like to play the slots, but don’t have the time to play, this little handheld app allows you to feel like you are in the thick of the action. With so many different fantastical virtual worlds and the lights and sounds of a real slot machine, you will forget that you have not walked into a real casino. Play anywhere day or night and from any location, you can lose yourself in this virtual world of payouts and real time gaming. All you have to do is spin to win, it really is that easy. Without a lot of risk, the payouts are great. Encourage friends to become addicted with you, and the upgrades and excitement just keep coming.

Features in Slots by Zynga

You can sign up for up to 40 lines at a time from your Android, or mobile device.

Fever Model – Gives you the option for greater play and higher payoffs.

Upgrades – Just by playing you are able to earn better upgrades and more machines to try your hand at, increasing your bets and your line play.

Free Coins – While playing every few minutes you will have a greater opportunity to win. Encourage your friends to join along, and the rewards are even greater

Literally atop the five-reel playing field, the March Hare advances toward his very important date. Each spin gets him closer to his goal, which places the game into Fever Mode – a mode that looks like it will be featured in all of the game’s machines and temporarily boosts the wins from each spin. Wonderland also offers scattered Bonus symbols that activate a game where free coins can be won by picking pieces of a puzzle, plus a progressive jackpot that ramps up at a speed directly related to how many friends you have playing the game.

Every coin played through the machine helps fill an experience bar which grants a star upon completion. Stars not only unlock new features on the current machine like extra paylines, higher max bets and more Fever Mode time, but in a manner similar to Zynga Slingo, they also serve as the mechanism for unlocking more machines. Along with generic slots like the monkey-focused Bananigans, you can also gain access to machines of Zynga hits. It should only take one guess each to figure out what inspired FarmVille Frenzy and Words With Friends 2.

You will love the Zynga graphics here specially on your Android or iPhone Screens. The sounds are also good, avoiding the slots game hazard of being too repetitive after a number of spins.

Buying Coins in Slots by Zynga

The game makes it extremely easy to buy more coins with real money. The smallest amount is 400 coins for $4.99 and that has the potential to last about two minutes with some unlucky spins, and the “best value” is 25,000 for $99.99. Bonus coins arrive for free five minutes after the previous bonus is claimed.

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