Can an Android Smartphone Reveal a User’s Personality?

A recent study shows that a person’s smartphone choice reflects his personality. Are Android users “better” people than other smartphone brand users?

Can an Android Smartphone Reveal a User's Personality
Can an Android Smartphone Reveal a User’s Personality

The University of Lincoln conducted a study about a person’s choice of a smartphone can determine his or her personality. Heather Shaw of the University of Lincoln’s School of Psychology conducted two studies between Android smartphones and iPhone users. The studies aim to assess how people perceive the person’s character as projected by his smartphone. Let’s find out Can an Android Smartphone Reveal a User’s Personality?

The first study asked 240 participants to complete a questionnaire about the traits and attitudes they associate with users of every smartphone brand. The study suggests that Android users have higher levels of humility and honesty. Android users were also found to be more open yet less extroverted than iPhone users.

Scientists also found that women were twice more likely to own an iPhone than an Android, and iPhone users were more worried about having a high-status phone than other mobile users. The second study could be a bit biased; Shaw’s team tested these stereotypes against the personality traits of 500+ smartphone users, a revealed that Android users were more humble and honest without other personality stereotypes occurring.

Can Mobile Apps Reveal More About a Person’s Character?

This recent study shows that insight into various personalities of different types of smartphone users. It’s safe to say that a person’s smartphone choice is the most basic level of personalisation, which can tell us how a person’s character and traits are.

It can get really interesting to find a study on how personality traits relate to mobile applications that people download and the frequency of their use. While smartphones can come across as an extension of one’s character, the use of mobile apps can give a clearer impression of how a person thinks and behaves.

Can an Instagram Account Reflect a Person’s Character?

Can an Instagram Account Reflect a Person's Character?
Can an Instagram Account Reflect a Person’s Character?

People are becoming more inclined to behave in a visual manner. It may sound odd, but social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are paving the way for this social media behaviour. It’s not surprising that Instagram has reached more than a billion users since last year.

Instagram announced in July that it has more than 500 million monthly active users, 300 million of which use the app every day. It’s the fourth Facebook-owned app to reach the 1 billion mark. So can a person’s Instagram account project a person’s character? Or Instagram itself affects how a person behaves? Let’s find out once they conduct research about that.

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