Iron Man VR set to release in February 2020 on PlayStation VR

Iron Man, the action-adventure video game inspired by the film of the same name is not available on VR.

The Iron Man game was released on May 2, 2008, to match with the release of the film in cinemas. Introduced by Sega, and released for Nintendo DSPlayStation 2PlayStation 3WiiXbox 360PlayStation Portable and Microsoft Windows, the VR concept was first revealed during a State of Play stream earlier in 2019.

Soar High with Iron Man

soar high with iron man
soar high with iron man

Iron Man VR is a PlayStation VR exclusive game where the players can soar and fight as Tony Stark of the movie character. You will feel like soaring high on the sky and fighting your enemies with supreme powers within you.

A new trailer for the game is released at New York Comic-Con and it was disclosed when players could get their hands on it and enjoy its adventure.

Now the release date is fixed for February 28, 2020. If you will watch the trailer, you would soon realize that the story of the game revolves around Tony Stark battling Ghost, a phasing villain who can interact directly with your helmet.

The voice of Tony Stark’s character in the VR game is dubbed by the voice actor Josh Keaton. Josh Keaton earlier voiced the villain Electro in another PlayStation-exclusive superhero game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

To play Iron Man VR, you’d require two move controllers. Through Tony Stark’s extensive garage, you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment and technology with your progress in the game. Although the price for this game has not yet been announced that will likely change soon.


If you are a great fan of Iron Man, leave no stone unturned to grab this opportunity to fly high like your dream hero playing Iron Man VR game in 2020. 

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