PlayStation 5 set to release for holiday 2020

All through 2019, Sony has started announcing interesting major information through Twitter in the early morning, instead of holding a big event. Following the same strategy, Sony has revealed a fair piece of new information about their next-generation console through a post on PlayStation Blog and also through an interview with WIRED.

What to Expect


You can find a 4K Blu-ray drive and physical versions of games using 100GB Blu-ray discs. This game has a more fluid UI design as the PlayStation 5 uses an SSD. You can have an improved controller that will use haptic feedback to more accurately translate the feeling of different types of movement. The controller has been improved using USB-C charging cables and a bigger battery, though this will make the controller heavier than the DualShock.

The characters will slip and glide through ice or slug through the mud in the game and it will all come across with different types of resistance in the sticks and the triggers, which is often also called “adaptive triggers.”

Sony said it will be program the resistance of the triggers so that you can feel the increased stress as you draw back a bow or force you to push down with extra pressure if you’re driving through rough terrain. It appears to be the same as a Microsoft patent from earlier this year, which developed a similar trigger system for a future Xbox controller. However, it is not confirmed if Microsoft is planning to add it to its next-gen Project Scarlett hardware.

The PS5 Controller features USB-C


Wired has received a hands-on preview with a prototype PS5 controller, which appears to be someone similar to that of the PS4’s DualShock 4 although Sony hasn’t confirmed if it’ll call it the DualShock 5 just yet. also confirmed that the PS5’s controller will finally have the USB-C also along with other refinements like a larger and stronger battery and improved speakers.

A per the interview with Wired, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan and PS5 system architect Mark Cerny offers some other details about the future hardware. “There is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware,” Cerny said, confirming the company’s initial announcement of ray-tracing support and reducing concerns that Sony might look for software tricks to handle it.

According to this interview, it was also confirmed that the PS5 will use standard 100GB Blu-ray discs. It has already been confirmed by Sony that the console will offer a disc drive but all games will need to be installed to the internal SSD this time around.

That immensely-fast SSD is the biggest update that Sony is promoting and it states that the installation need is because of the speed difference between the optical drive and the internal solid-state one. Sony said the SSD’s improvements will take up less space, though, it will also help reduce the mandatory installation requirements. Sony will also allow its developers to break up the installation of their games by installing just the multiplayer elements or just the single-player campaign on the PS5.

Game Installation is Mandatory on the PS5


This new PS5 will have a completely revamped user interface displaying more detailed social features on the home screen. Sony confirms that you’ll be able to see and launch directly into specific features of a game, for example, a single-player level or multiplayer match, directly from the home screen, without having to launch the game and then navigate in.

All these information is including the existing details that Sony has already revealed earlier this year, which includes the eight-core CPU (based on AMD’s third-gen Ryzen line) and custom GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware, “3D audio,” for 8K gaming and also for 4K gaming at 120Hz. It will also consume less power with PS4 backward compatibility, and that ultra-fast SSD.

The studios are still working on PlayStation 5 games right now, including Bluepoint Games. All this information about this PlayStation 5 talk is interesting and exciting for the players and developers.

There’s still a lot that is yet to know, like how much storage Sony will be providing, which is a question that becomes far more important when it comes to mandatory game installations, what kind of VR options will it provide or what the under the hood hardware will look like or how much will it cost. But as the new holiday 2020 release date is nearby, it likely won’t be too long that Sony will start giving some answers to those questions.


Finally, while it is almost guaranteed beforehand, it is almost confirmed officially that the PlayStation 5 is set to release in holiday 2020. So, friends, if you’re a big fan of PlayStation games, start saving for this game.

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