The Astounding Casino Gaming App Developed By EA

Casino gaming is one of the favourite gaming apps which was developed by EA; the gaming app offers everything you expect from a decent fruit machine game. However, the app provides a lot of bonus games where you can win bigger and double or Quadruple earnings of your regular earnings. Nevertheless, with this EA game, you will never receive cash prizes. Also, you can never lose cash by betting. This gaming app can be downloaded from Google. The Astounding Casino Gaming App Developed By EA.

The Astounding Casino Gaming App Developed By EA
The Astounding Casino Gaming App Developed By EA

Maintaining Game Level

After you have started playing this game, you should ensure you play continuously to maintain your level of collecting stars, at the top corner there is a Menu button which opens the option automatically although they are not many. In this game, every poky has a unique looking monopoly theme, which is recognized quickly. For instance Mr Monopoly, the Monopoly houses. Every poke in the game has a distinct looking Monopoly theme, which is very the game is so great it has stunning HD visuals as well as pleasant music-making this app richer.

Bonus and features

Playing this game is very easy; if you are a starter; you begin with Easy Streets which are simple but classic pokies. On this level you gain some experience points which enable you to get to the next level, besides on this level there are even bonus experience points which are awarded in the form of stars with numbers, for instance, the red star with the 10.

Ways to win

There are numerous ways in which a person can win; you can either get three across or diagonal or any other way get three across or diagonal or other means. At the top, you’ll find your money and diamonds. The money is responsible for the game while the diamonds are for bonuses on the right side there is a collect button which is activated automatically after every four hours to give extra money in case you run out of money.

Above the spin button, there is a chest button which if you press it will open a mini-game where you can receive a 2x or 4x bonus which will later double or quadruple your last pin win. The casino is a free game but also you can spend some cash to buy either coins or diamonds. For instance, you can pay $99.99 for 1650 diamonds. If you are playing it for free but when the free coins are over you will be forced to wait for four hours until the free coins renew themselves.

The Astounding Casino Gaming App Developed By EA
The Astounding Casino Gaming App Developed By EA

Mini-game Bonuses

There are a lot of Mini-game bonuses when spinning, in fact, it is like raining Money. However, in some pokies, you can also get free spins. Nevertheless, you cannot use the bonuses if you have not exploited your coins. Whenever you have some diamonds, you compete with them to get bonuses. When you win big or sort of big you’ll be greeted with a splash screen, and as you advance you’ll bulldoze up and as you level up you’ll be able to bet more and keep on getting new games.

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