4 Best Android Apps of 2020: You Must Try These…

Many applications are now offered in the Android Market. Day by day, new apps are still continuously launched in the Google market. Though App browsing doesn’t have the same status as window shopping, the absolute amount of time spent staring into our smartphones is a sign that we very much concern on what’s going on inside.

4 Best Android Apps of 2016: You Must Try These...
4 Best Android Apps of 2016: You Must Try These…

Some of the exciting new apps are:


Though Realmoji isn’t an app you can download straight to your phone, it is some of the most exciting you will ever have texting with a bot. You just need to enter your phone number on the site then Realmoji will text you. Then, you select an emoji of your choice, and it will reply with a real photo that signifies that emoji.

Microsoft Translator

The dream of talking into your wrist and receiving instant translations has been realized thanks to Microsoft, and the slick UI surely doesn’t hurt the skill. This app runs on the Apple Watch as well as Android Wear, so plenty of you can just proceed and skip to the next entry.


Google’s Deep Dream technology has been absorbing the Internet since it launched, and now there’s an Android app so you can quickly turn your mobile photos into trippy fantasies. The app is now available for Android phones.


MPictures contains thousands of lovely wallpapers for you to change new backgrounds for your home screen simply. Those wallpapers are allocated into 19 sets. So you can even store the favorite wallpapers to your SD card. The app is designed for the Android device that and it helps find new wallpapers for your phone quickly.

4 Best Android Apps of 2016: You Must Try These...
4 Best Android Apps of 2016: You Must Try These…

App Manager

App manager helps you find apps based on their different categories easily instead of searching for them one by one. It is a requirement for you if you have all types of apps on your Android phone because it is an original app that sorts all of your applications automatically and enables you to start them in a quick and an easy way. It has some default tabs, such as wallpaper, tools, application, multimedia, standard, ringtone, among others. On the other hand, you can add or delete any tabs whenever you want. It automatically sorts new apps once they are installed or else you can manually manage them. Once you enable App Manager, a small icon will appear in home screen, to achieve quick start for the apps you just Press the small icon.

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