The world of Pokie is a dynamic one, where you can access and play every single kind and category of Pokie machines that appeal to you the most!

Here we are going to share the top 8 most interesting fact about Pokie games that you may not be conversant with.

Regularly Awarded Jackpots

There are many players who look for such Pokie games that hit most of the jackpots that too regularly. If you are also one such player, then the best ones to consider is that pokie game on which the jackpot is not big in size. It is always suggested that you double check the paytable of the pokie game you are playing to consider how high their respective jackpots are!

Pokies Have No Memory

Pokies do not retain any data or have no memory of previous payouts awarded to any player hence it cannot help you if you think your chances of winning become high if a high-valued payout has been hit recently by the pokies.

Low and High-Risk Pokies 

All pokie game has one of the three different types of playing format in place, it could be low variance, medium variance, and high variance pokies. If you are a newbie and looking for lots of spun in low valued winning payouts you should play a low variance Pokie game if you are ready to take more risks and play a Pokie that does not award lots of lower valued winning payouts go for high variant pokies.

Bonus Games that offer Most Payouts

Such pokie games offer not only free spins bonus games but also that have high multipliers attached to their free spins.

Bonuses Do Not Influence Winning Chances

Taking or not taking a casino bonus offer is not going to increase or decrease your chance of winning. Most of the time players believe that whilst you are playing off bonus credits given to you then the casino will reduce the RTP’s of the pokie you play, that is not true as those operators have no control over the payout delivered by their Pokie games.

One Cent Pokie Games Available

Every Pokie games will offer a different range of staking options if you want to play for one cent per spin better to play a single payline per spin with the coin values set at one cent!

More Mobile Players than Online Players

It has been observed that during 2016 the real figure of mobile Pokie players has already outnumbered the number of players who are accessing pokie games through online gambling platform.

RTP’s Affect Your Winning Chances

Every pokie game is set to return some players combined stakes over the long term as winning payouts, however, the payout percentage varies as per every single Pokie game. You need to find out how high or low the long-term expected RTP’s are on any pokie you are playing as it impacts your winning chances.

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