2014 Edition of the Galaxy Note

Last year Samsung released the 10.1 Note and this was the first 10 inch tablet device to have the honors of carrying the Note name. This device actually changed how Android worked. It was capable of showing multiple apps on the screen at once, palm refection, and input that was handwritten. All of these items were new to the scene of the tablet.


The Samsung Company believes in evolving and changing how things are done. Pretty much everyone knows the name, but has considered the items more like a novelty then something that was craved. The company is always striving to stand out from the crowd and be noticed with their devices. They are getting closer to delivering what people are looking for and want.

2014 Edition

When the Samsung tablet first came out there were bugs that still needed to be worked out. The bugs were worked out then it was released again this year. Next year even more things will be worked out along with new items added to it. Some things that will be new next year or improved on are:

  • S Pen
  • Features
  • Streamlining the entire package
  • Design
  • Functions


  • LCD is Super Clear at 2560×1600 and with a 10.1 inch display
  • Processor is a Exynos 5420 Quad Core
  • 3GB of Ram
  • 16/32 GB of storage
  • 2MP front camera and a 8MP rear camera
  • Ports are microSD and microUSB
  • 8,220mAh battery
  • Android 4.3 is the OS
  • Prices are $550 for 16GB and $600 for 32GB
  • Wireless is Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11b/g/n/ac, AllShareCast, and Wi-Fi Direct


  • When looking at the display it will be a pleasure for viewing since it is clear, sharp, and vivid
  • Samsung will not let users down when it comes to sound. The speakers are outstanding
  • The S Pen is better then before, but still needs a little work
  • The keyboard is simple to use and is very fast


  • When doing transitions or watching animations the performance can be slightly choppy
  • Users could get confused easily since they have made the Android options more difficult then needs to be
  • Opening multi-windows will not always be a smooth experience

The Samsung tablet still has some issues that need corrected, but overall users will love the tablet.

Amanda Sanders

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