Android Games are not slowing down

With all the things a mobile device can do now it is no wonder the technology is making it grow even more. As the Android phones continue to be in demand so do the apps that are available for them. Many games can be downloaded for free, but the key is to know beforehand what the good ones are.

The Great Brain Experiment

Not only do you get to enjoy playing a challenging game, but you actually are part of a unique scientific experiment. Your brain will have challenges testing the memory, how well you pay attention, capability of making decisions, and impulsivity. The game can be won only if you like taking risks and using a little imagination at the same time.

Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front

This is considered the best shooter game that takes full advantage of the quad core processor in the phone by Android. The game graphics are rich and will show you the beauty of everything on your screen. There are two ways of enjoying the game, multiplayer or Story mode. Extra features are unlocked by earning enough dog tags along with XP. Soldiers can be customized by earning rewards.

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e

Virtual pets have been on the scene since the 90’s and now they are brought up to date for everyone to enjoy. Raise your cute little pet from the beginning when it is just an egg until the day it has to be put in a grave. Tamagotchi needs fed, taken care of, and cleaned up after. Show your pet neglect and watch it eventually starve it’s self to death. Upon dying an angel appears so Tamagotchi can go to heaven.

The Sandbox

If you love artwork then get ready to fall in love with this game. Create your universe with pixel art that is just amazing. As you are playing the game you will use sand grain and water to start creating your world, trees, buildings, and everything else. It can be complicated at the beginning until you get the hang of things then there is no stopping you. Use your imagination to create and even destroy your world.

International Boxing Champions

Step away from the normal boxing games and get ready to experience some real boxing. Use the multiplayer mode and take on boxers from around the world. Victories are counted as points, time, combos, aggression, and many more. The platform Heyzap social discovery is linked to the game. This is how you get tips on other players in the game and everyone is alerted about which games you are playing.

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