Android Games are not slowing down

With all the things a mobile device can do now, it is no wonder the technology is making it grow even more. As Android phones continue to be in demand so do the apps that are available for them. Many games you can download for free, but the key is to know beforehand what the good ones are. Android Games are not slowing down.

5 Popular Android Games not Slowing down

1. The Great Brain Experiment

The Great Brain Experiment
The Great Brain Experiment

Not only do you get to enjoy playing a challenging game, but you actually are part of a unique scientific experiment. Your brain will have challenges testing the memory, how well you pay attention, the capability of making decisions, and impulsivity. You can win the game only if you like taking risks and using a little imagination at the same time.

It’s time to be a part of a unique scientific experiment by playing games on your phone. Neuroscientists at University College London have ‘gamified’ their research, creating a quirky, fun app that turns neuroscience experiments into games. Each time you play this game, you’ll contribute data to a huge scientific experiment, take part in research that was previously conducted only on small groups of volunteers in the lab. The Great Brain Experiment will look at memory, impulsivity, how you take risks, and how well the mind’s eye can see. It will allow the researchers to explore questions that are normally impossible to ask.

2. Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front

Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front
Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front

This is the best shooter game that takes full advantage of the quad-core processor in the phone by Android. The game graphics are rich and will show you the beauty of everything on your screen. There are two ways of enjoying the game, multiplayer or Story mode. You can unlock extra features by earning enough dog tags along with XP. You can customize soldiers by earning rewards.

Join your fellow gamers online: Play with five acquaintances in five locations in any of three game modes (Free Play, Team or Domination). Connect to the game using Bluetooth or even take part in an online battle over a Wi-Fi network.

You can take control of three types of vehicles, including a huge tank, an off-road vehicle and a high-speed glider, in order to quickly catch up with your opponents or escape from them. You can even take control of a machine gun and shower opponents with endless fire.

3. Tamagotchi L.i.f.e

 Tamagotchi L.i.f.e
Tamagotchi L.i.f.e

Virtual pets have been on the scene since the 90s and now they are brought up to date for everyone to enjoy. Raise your cute little pet from the beginning when it is just an egg until the day it has to be put in a grave. Tamagotchi needs fed, taken care of, and cleaned up after. Show your pet neglect and watch it eventually starve itself to death. Upon dying an angel appears so Tamagotchi can go to heaven.

It isn’t a traditional game, and it may not appeal to kids who are goal-oriented gamers. But for those who enjoy open-ended virtual social experiments, this is a real treat. The customization options for characters are vast, and you can even use a picture of yourself to get started. Have a name that’s hard to pronounce? You get a chance to enter the phonetic spelling of your name, ensuring that your Miis can both spell and say their own names correctly.

Each day there are different food, clothes, hats, and decor available, so you can see which ones your Miis like best. The games the Miis like to play are tricky, often expecting you to identify a food item from a blown-up or pixelated picture. Since the foods available are quite diverse, it’s not always easy to guess between the loco moco, tiramisu, schnitzel, and string cheese, but it’s fun trying. Plus, the Miis give you treasure when you’re right. Tomodachi Life unfurls slowly over time. It may not be a game you play for hours a day for weeks, but it’s one you’re likely to revisit over and over to check in on your Miis and see what’s going on.

4. The Sandbox

The Sandbox
The Sandbox

If you love artwork then get ready to fall in love with this game. Create your universe with pixel art that is just amazing. As you are playing the game you will use sand grain and water to start creating your world, trees, buildings, and everything else. It can be complicated at the beginning until you get the hang of things then there is no stopping you. Use your imagination to create and even destroy your world.

THE SANDBOX introduces kids to a 2-D pixelated universe in which they can play the role of creator. In the free-play mode, they can experiment with the various elements and create their own worlds. In the campaign mode, they can participate in guided challenges; for example, in the first campaign, they learn how to make sand and mud. As they play on, kids have the opportunity to complete unique missions that involve creating and destroying their own universes and, in some cases, introducing fun characters such as ninjas. Unfortunately, many of the more advanced tasks require additional purchases.

5. International Boxing Champions

International Boxing Champions
International Boxing Champions

Step away from the normal boxing games and get ready to experience some real boxing. Use the multiplayer mode and take on boxers from around the world. Victories are counted as points, time, combos, aggression, and many more. The platform Heyzap social discovery is linked to the game. This is how you get tips on other players in the game and everyone is alerted about which games you are playing.

The graphics are great. The characters are rendered with such fidelity that it is surprising that the game is sitting in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t mess around with grandiose flyovers of the ring and arena. Instead, you’re simply treated to a rousing match of two fighters expertly rendered in polygons. All of the movements look realistic and have the kind of motion blur you usually see only in console titles or really high-end mobile games. Each of the matches simply looks incredible and all of the fighters have their own look and personality.

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