Android Likes 4.7 Inches or More

Android just loves the philosophy “bigger is better”. Just take a moment and look at their devices. Unlike iPhone who keeps their devices at a conservative size that are easy to handle. Android is continually seeing how big they can go. Some good examples are the Samsung Galaxy Mega that is 6.3 inches and the LG Optimus G Pro that is 5 ½ inches.



The consumer does have a variety of choices when looking for a new device. It just seems highly unlikely they will find anything smaller then the average 4.7 inches. The items are no longer out there. Even looking at the recent phones released by Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon everything has screens of a minimum 4.7 inches. T-Mobile has a few premium phones for over and their screens start at 5 inches.

Smaller means lower

There are some smaller phones available, but the quality just will not be there. Some that can be found are the:

  • Verizon – Motorola Droid 4 with a 4 inch screen
  • Verizon – Casio G’zOne Commando with a 3.6 inch screen
  • AT&T – Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro with a 4 inch screen
  • Sprint – Kyocera Torque with a 4 inch screen
  • Sprint – Motorola Admiral with a 3.1 inch screen
  • Sprint – ZTE Fury with a 3.5 inch screen

Does size really matter?

When it comes to owning a phone it just depends upon the person as to what size works best for them. If you are always browsing on the phone then 5 inches and above works best for being able to see everything. If you are always trying to operate the phone with just one hand then it is easier to accomplish the task with a phone smaller then 4.3 inches.

Is the small ones really gone?

Even though the phone has only grown an inch at maximum it is that inch that can have people frustrated when they only have one hand. It makes a huge difference when a consumer can actually see everything on the screen and are not having to strain in order to see things. Yes, it is a pain for the person that loves to do things one handed or even play games. Android laid the platform for the devices and consumers loved it. In just a few short years consumers have to wonder what happened to actually being able to fit a device in a pocket or even a small purse.  Read the news on

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