Best Pokies Destinations in Australia

The term “pokies” is an Australian slang that informally means slot machine or poker machine which includes different types of online pokies. Mostly video displays are used in Australia as pokies to simulate physical reels and 5 multi-line slot games with some bonus and second screen features like free games etc.

Pokies Vs Australia

Australia is considered to be a gamblers’ hotspot, as nearly 80% of Australian adults are already engaged in gambling activities of some kind frequently. Because of this popularity of gambling and the increasing number of players, slot machines have increased in recent years. As per estimation in the year 2013, there were almost 198,418 slots in Australia generating $12 billion of revenue every year! Australians have the records of gambling more on pokies per person than any other country all over the world.

Gambling was legalized in 1956 in New South Wales. The online slot games of today are designed and programmed to keep gamblers addicted and it has the same intensity as cocaine. Due to the up-to-date technology involved in the gambling industry, it has kept the gamblers addicted and hypnotized.

Counted sixth in global rankings, Australia is one of the most popular gambling destinations in the world attracting players from around the world. It is not only popular for Kangaroo and Koala but is also well known for its great and vibrant nightlife including pokies that have become one of the most mesmerizing attractions among locals and tourists.

Best Places to Play Pokies in Australia

The Star Casino, Sydney

Just next to Darling Harbor, the Star Casino is the next largest casino in Australia containing two gaming floors, seven restaurants, eight bars, over 300 hotel rooms, and more than 100 individual apartments. In the gaming area, you will find the primary gaming floor on level one having three major parts – Table Games, Poker, and Electronic Gaming and the Sovereign Room on level three containing four private gaming rooms and added dining and lounge facilities.

It has over 1490 slot machines all over the casino varying in size, theme and bonus level. Players can easily get engaged for days to try at least once each one of them. With this variety of gaming options, rooms, and dining facilities, you will find the Star Casino a great destination in Sydney.

Crown Casino, Melbourne

Crown Melbourne is one of the largest casinos in Australia and becomes a center for a large entertainment venue offering restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, shopping outlets, along with theatre and water shows within easy walking distance.

Gamblers from all over the world flock to this place to enjoy more than 3.500 pokies. You can easily get lost in an endless option of pokies, hopefully in a great way. Catering to all types of gamblers from Australia and all over the world and addressing this varied needs,  this casino offers a great assortment of gaming, which includes a fusion of pokie machines, table games and thousands of other games across its sprawling gaming floor. It is a great destination for everyone to hang out, have exciting gambling or dancing, relish food or theatre and spend a relaxing and fun night.

Jupiters Hotel & Casino, Broadbeach

Jupiters Casinos is located in the picturesque Broadbeach Island. It is known as the world-class casino and the gateway to the magical gaming world, offering spectacular views of mountains and the Gold Coast.

You will be amazed to find out multiple table games, over 1.500 shiny slot machines, high-end VIP gaming rooms, and a trail of spectacular restaurants, fancy bars, as well as multiple nightlife options like dancing and theatre show just in the close vicinity.

Treasury Casino, Brisbane

Spread over heritage buildings – the Treasury Building and Lands Administration Building, the Treasury Casino displays the old world charm and premier modern facilities, along with a trail a hotel, premier restaurants, colorful bars, and a vibrant nightclub.

Get ready to step into the vibrant and shiny gaming world featuring three floors of excitement and fun. It has 1.500 electronic gaming machines and 80+ table games. You would never have to worry about spending time in leisure but your only dilemma will be to decide where to go next! You can also enjoy VIP gaming and poker tournaments here.

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