Get Humbled Today!

If you have not heard about website Humble Bundle, you’re missing out on a great way to get DRM free games on a weekly basis. These games are small time for the most part, but there are occasional big hits that get thrown into the mix such as Alan Wake and Saints Row the Third. The best part? You can get a ton of these games for the amount you want to pay! That’s right, you can name your own price and part of your proceeds go to charity while the rest goes towards the game developers and the Humble Bundle website.

Now With Android Games

This week is special as Humble Bundle is now introducing games that are making their debut on Android devices! By purchasing these games at the price you wish to play, you gain access to the android version of fun and exciting indie games such as:

  • Frozen Synapse
  • Aquaria
  • Pulse (an Android exclusive)
  • Organ Trail

Pay Your Way

There’s plenty more, but you’ll have to check out the site to see for yourself. These games are DRM free and will be available for download the second you make your purchase. You can purchase these games with a credit card, PayPal, Amazon account, or Bitcoin. Whatever your preference, Humble Bundle makes it easy and safe to buy great games that would normally fall under the radar of most people.

The Bonuses

The Humble Bundle is about rewarding the customers for donating to a good cause. The charities, which include the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to supporting sick children in hospitals, are worth donating towards no matter what the amount may be. Because of this, the Humble Bundle people are happy to provide extras with game purchases. This includes soundtracks to the songs in each game plus concept art and the occasional DLC. These come at no extra charge.

Give Them a Shot

Why not try out Humble Bundle on your Android device? With the Humble Bundle app you can purchase all these games and more through your Android. Then, within minutes of purchasing, you’ll find yourself with a healthy collection of quality Android games waiting to be played. So go ahead and spread the good word about an amazing site that deserves all the attention it gets. You, your wallet, and the sponsored charities will be glad that you did.

Amanda Sanders

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