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With all the different things a mobile device can do today it only makes sense to have some kind of security on it. There is a way to receive peace of mind with Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android. It can be found on Google Play and is considered a top choice for protecting your mobile. The company believes in staying on top of things and there are many updates that can be found at the Play Store.


New Features

A recent update came with a new option that is called Privacy Advisor. This is a built in version of the Clueful app. Clueful is in place for looking at all the permissions of the apps that you have installed on your mobile. It analyzes and rates the apps for privacy. This helps you have more insight about just what the apps are doing with sensitive data about you.


New features are nice, but sometimes old ones just need a tweak. That is why one update actually improved the Anti-Theft and now lets Malware Scanner run in your background. Bitdefender is something your mobile can have installed so you are aware of anything hanky going on when it comes to apps.


The Bitdefender Mobile Security just for Android will be given away absolutely free, but there are just a few. There are 10 up for grabs and the fee of $10 will be waived for one year. There is one more item up for grabs.

An Unlocked Moto X phone will be given to one lucky winner. There are different ways of entering into the contest and seeing if you will be lucky enough to grab a prize. Just go to this link and scroll down until you spot the widget. You can log in with your facebook account or even use your email for entering. Everything will come to a screeching halt at the following day and time:

  • September 14th, 2013
  • 12:00AM PT

App is where?

Bitdefender Mobile Antivirus & Security can be snatched at Google Play. It is rated 4.3 stars and can be installed for free. Try it for seven days and see what you think. If you decide to hold on to it then there is a $10 charge once a year. Not a bad price for a year of protection from prying eyes and malware. Tune in at to stay on top of what is happening with Android!

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