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In just two weeks time there have been more games released for the Android. Always stay up with the games at!

Tiny Token Empires

Tiny Token Empires

HeroCraft has released Tiny Token Empires that takes place in 2000 B.C. It is similar to the game Risk when you are expanding the empire. The battles though take on a twist where you play puzzle games where swapping is mandatory. Not only is the game humorous, but it is also intriguing with a combination of puzzle elements and strategy thinking. The game can be scooped up for $4.99 and offers five different individual campaigns that has three settings for difficulty consisting of advanced, intermediate, and new players.

This is a strategy game that is casual. It combines strategy, humor, and a mixture of brain teasers while letting you be in charge of five different ancient Empires: Carthage, Egypt, Greece, Persia, and Rome. Expand power by taking over new territories and developing your armies and cities. Now download this app from Google Play


  • Five distinctive campaigns and game modes
  • Five heroes and nations, 50 different troops, and 25 generals
  • World consisting of cute monster paired up with goofy gods
  • More then 15 hours of addicting gaming!
  • Biggest brains are tested with three difficulty levels

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy IV is re-released on Android and it is fancier then before. This game is much different then previous versions that were played on the SNES. This is a remake of the Nintendo DS 3D and the battle system has been completely revamped with a interface that is touch paired with new graphics.

Android is featuring Final Fantasy IV with storylines that are dramatic and have a variety of unique characters. Players are given an edge in their battles by being able to transfer their abilities thanks to the ATB, Active Time Battle system. Download this app here.

Quadropus Rampage

Quadropus Rampage

It is an octopus with four tentacles that can become pissed off beyond reason and can enter brawls that are unimaginable. You are playing this hero with only four limbs, but each one can be assigned a different weapon or ability to fight with. Step up and take on a variety of bosses before finally meeting your doom! Game is totally free to play and you can have this at Google Play Store all free


  • Gameplay is endless and your thumb will wear out before the enemies
  • Combat is fast while the game is easy to learn, but mastering is difficult
  • Five boss fights that are epic

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