Xbox Kinect Controls Meet Android

Xbox Kinect Controls
Xbox Kinect Controls

A company in Oslo, Norway called Elliptic Labs just launched a new way for people to control their tablets or Smartphones. It is proof-of-concept hardware and a software development kit that actually has touchless gestures. The company claims there are some major Smartphone manufacturers in Asia that are on board for next year and shipping the products. In Tokyo, at CEATEC there was a huge demonstration of the product and how it works. In fact, during the demo, an Android phone was being used for playing Subway Surfer and Fruit Ninja and it was just like playing on the Xbox Kinect.



Out of everything that nature has to offer Elliptic stated the technology was inspired by bats! A bat is able to navigate in darkness by using ultrasound and that is the same technology that the company is bringing to Android Smartphones.

How it Works

The Smartphone will continuously be sending inaudible signals from a dedicated ultrasound transmitter so the touchless gesturing will work correctly. When an object like the hand is moving in front of the screen it is going to make some of the signals bounce back to the phone. When this happens there is a sensor that will pick up the signals bouncing back and can interpret the motion for telling the Smartphone what to do next. In a device, for shipping, this technology would be hidden from being seen.


The actual device is rather small measuring only 3mm square. That is just small enough to be tucked away inside the Smartphone. The device is also very sensitive in fact the company says the following is just how sensitive:

  • Millimeter accuracy
  • Short latency


When the Xbox Kinect was released by Microsoft and Leap Motion were it took things to a whole new level. Technology is hot today that it is changing continually. There are select desktops and laptops that are embedded with the technology. When there is something this hot there will need to be software support, and Leap Motion has it covered. They are building it via their Airspace app store that has already experienced more than a million downloads in three short weeks.

Stop and think about it, the technology is already being used with the Samsung Galaxy S4. It comes with a basic camera that is driven by touchless gestures. When the technology is released to the market next year will let the readers know more.

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