The most charming Android apps

2016 is nearing towards its end slowly and steadily, but this year we also had the opportunity of enjoying many quality apps, which brought new life to our smartphones. Especially android users enjoyed great variety as various app developers introduced many convincing and useful applications. Let’s put a look at some of the coolest apps that you should definitely try this year.

The most charming Android apps for 2016
The most charming Android apps for 2016

BestMeSelfie Camera

Are you a lover of selfies? If the answer is yes then it’s an app that has been designed for showing compatibility with all your demands.  It is simply amazing as there is a great collection of many exciting features some of them are being mentioned below

  • 125 types of real time filter
  • Emoji
  • Blurring effects
  • Stickers
  • Vignettes,
  • Support Selfie stick

It is a very useful app for people who have to share their photos on different kinds of social networks from time to time. Easy to download and manage some even call BestMeSelfie Camera as the best photo app for 2016.


It is one of the best and most compatible apps that keeps you updated related with weather. It is being offered with all different kinds of features like

  • Current conditions
  • Radar
  • Fun facts related with meteorology
  • Forecasts
  • Predications
  • Graphs
  • Moon tracker
  • Sun Tracker

The design of 1Weather is really attractive and a good number of widgets are also being offered along with this medium. Easy to use you can always get it from the app store for free.

The most charming Android apps for 2016
The most charming Android apps for 2016


Want to keep your files and folder secure then AppLock will come with many different options that are not only secure, but also easy to operate. You can either use the free version or can pay and get premium features free of all kinds of advertisings. It is your choice that how you want to use the app, but it defiantly increases security of your smartphone. If your kids are irritating or roommates are nosy, then it’s the best app for you.

CloudMagic Email

This app is famous for its versatility as using the features provided by CloudMagic Email one can easily create CloudMagic account and after this sign in all the email addresses. In case you lose your device or it gets stolen there will be no threats of losing the saved emails because all that you will need to do is to get logged into CloudMagic and all the emails will follow.

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