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Who doesn’t want to win big Jackpots? At many of online casinos you find pokies with many bonuses and jackpots like the progressives to play for some real win. Jackpot Slots app is a virtual simulation pokies to be played with your Android. It is loaded with fun and offers you many additional mini games including video poker games. You will be amazed to find that with this App you can play more than 60 different pokies theme and enjoy full fun.

Playing Jackpot slot pokies on Android

Jackpot Slots App Android

Playing Jackpot Slot pokies with your Android is quite easy. All you have to do is download this app from Google Play Store and start to play instantly. Though this app is free to have on your Androids but it also comes with some in app purchasing to play the games.

You can purchase extra “coins” and “boosts” with your debit card, credit card and gift card (i.e. Google Play card). Purchase amounts range from $1.90 to $200. Periodically a “special offer” will pop up to offer a discounted purchase price, which generally has a time limit. The process to purchase coins requires moving through 3 screens before entering either card/debit card details or gift card number.

If you have acquired GooglePlay credit, then Google Account password is requested. To more purchases. The password remains valid for 30 minutes to continue purchasing for quite a number of minutes, even after the game has been exited and resumed.

Bonuses and Features

Jackpot Slot Bonuses

In Jackpot Slot app you will be presented with a number of poker-machine style “pokies” games. Initially, only one game is unlocked, called Mayan Fortune.  The player begins with an allocation of virtual coins and places bets and then “spins”.  Tapping the [?] icon will bring up game rules and an outline of winning combinations of symbols. You can select how many lines to bet on (initially up to 9) and the size of the bet (initially up to 10). The default number of lines is the highest available for that game.

When the player taps the “Spin” button, the symbols spin around, similar to a real Poker machine. When they stop, any winnings are calculated by the app and added to the player’s total. The winning line/s is highlighted.   Stars also accumulate on each spin according to the size of the bet – the larger the bet, the more stars.

Free Spins

Jackpot Slot Android Games

As stars accumulate, the player moves up levels, extra coins are awarded and additional game machines may be unlocked. Many game machines have a higher maximum number of lines per spin (20 lines by game 3). Periodically the maximum bet amount is also increased. From time to time, “Free Spins” may be awarded.  Players can purchase “Boosts” which when applied to a spin increase the winnings.

The game may set “Limited Time Goals” for the player (which may be winning a set number of coins) – if the goals are completed within the timeframe, players may win extra coins or an extra machine may be unlocked.

Special Bonuses

Jackpot Slot Android

Additional free “Special Bonus” coins can be claimed in this app every 4 hours. Occasionally a “Scratch n Match” ticket pops up, in which the player can win bonus coins for free. After playing one ticket, the player can buy more for $1.90.

You may realise that betting on a large number of lines per spin and placing large bets can rapidly decrease their total, to the point where you may run out of coins. However, the chances of spinning a winning combination of symbols is also much higher when more lines are selected.

Jackpot Slot App on Facebook

Jackpot Slot FB

You can also log in to Facebook to receive bonus coins. You can even invite your friends to play with them. When a player receives a “Big Win”, they are invited to connect to Facebook to share with friends. Each friend the player selects to share with receives 200 coins. If the player shares with 50 friends, they earn bonus coins. When a player logs in to Facebook the app receives their public profile and friend list. You can invite friends to play to receive bigger rewards. On the Leaderboard, your profile photo is displayed and information can be viewed which includes your name and game details.

Jackpot in Jackpot Slot Pokies

Jackpot Slot Wins

Jackpot Slot pokies though is a simulation game and no real money is to be won.  With  quirky and fun bonus games  have high payouts and massive progressive jackpots to win over 1 BILLION coins! You can earn boosts to multiply your winnings up to 5X!
You will find exciting tournament promotions for new and experienced players and Hit a Royal Flush in Video Poker for HUGE winnings!

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