How to Enable Dark Theme in Android 10 Mobiles?

How to enable Dark theme in Android 10 mobiles?
How to Enable Dark Theme in Android 10 Mobiles?
  • Can reduce power usage by a significant amount (depending on the device’s screen technology).
  • Improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.
  • Makes it easier for anyone to use a device in a low-light environment.
  • The dark theme applies to both the Android system UI and apps running on the device.

There are three ways to enable Dark theme in Android 10 and higher mobiles

  • Use the system setting (Settings -> Display -> Theme) to enable the Dark theme.
  • Use the Quick Settings tile to switch themes from the notification tray (once enabled).
  • On Pixel devices, selecting the Battery Saver mode enables a Dark theme at the same time. Other OEMs may or may not support this behaviour.

Android 10 was launched recently and offers some of the best features that you can experience in your Android handsets or mobile. One of the features is Dark Mode or Dark Theme feature which helps you save your Android phone battery. If you want to know how to turn on Dark them in Android 10 mobiles then follow the below steps.

If you have Android 9.0 Pie, you’ll get a taste of dark mode, but be warned, most things still have white backgrounds. The dark mode only seems to impact the notification shade and the app drawer. To give your peepers a real treat, you need to upgrade to Android 10 and see whether your mobile is compatible with Android 10 or not.

Now to enable the Dark theme in Android 10

Now to enable the Dark theme in Android 10
Now to enable the Dark theme in Android 10

First Go to Settings > Display > Dark Theme and toggle it on.

When you switch on the dark theme in Android 10 you’ll find that certain supported apps will also switch to the dark side. In addition to the notification shade and app drawer, it changes the backgrounds of all the settings menus and also of apps like Phone, Contacts, Google Photos, Chrome, Google Feed, YouTube, Google Fit, Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Pay, and a few others. We expect more apps are working their way toward compatibility with dark mode and should be a part of it very soon.

Ideally, developers will create dark themes of their own to fit in with dark mode, but Google has also included a “Force Dark” option for developers which automatically converts light backgrounds to darker tones.

How to find Gmail’s Dark Mode setting?

Now to enable the Dark theme in Android 10
Now to enable the Dark theme in Android 10

If you updated to Android 10 and were surprised to not see the dark theme in Gmail yet, it means either your Android phone is not compatible with Android 10 or you are not having access to Gmail’s dark mode

Here’s how to check if Gmail’s new dark mode is available for you:

  • Open the Gmail Android app.
  • Tap the three stacked lines “hamburger” icon.
  • Tap “general settings.”
  • Look for the “theme” header.

If you have the setting, tap it to select between Light or Dark themes, or “System default” to have the app follow your current OS-level theme settings.

If you don’t have access to Gmail’s dark mode, you can try updating your Gmail app through the Google Play Store. The dark mode is available in version 2019.08.18.267 of the app or higher if you’re running Android 10, but the feature seems to be rolling out unevenly and may not yet be available for everyone.

There are ways to manually force Gmail’s dark theme option to appear, but those require rooting your phone

How to turn off dark mode in Android 10 mobiles?

Now to enable the Dark theme in Android 10
Now to enable the Dark theme in Android 10

It’s easy to turn off dark mode if you don’t like it.

Go to Settings > Display and toggle off Dark Theme.

Remember that dark mode saves battery life, particularly with OLED screens. When pixels are lit individually, as with OLED displays, dark pixels are effectively off, and so dark backgrounds use less battery Android 10’s dark theme can reduce battery consumption in some apps by up to 60%.

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